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ASTCA brings Laughing Samoans to AmSam

The American Samoa Telecommunications Authority (ASTCA) rolled out a media event Wednesday morning to promo its role as the major sponsor for the “Laughing Samoans  – FOBULOUS Show”, that will be showcased in January. It's a two-day event.


The popular Samoan comedy duo, Eteuati Ete and Tofiga Fepuleai have had their latest show on the road for almost a year now, and wild reviews and even wilder fans have greeted it.


The American Samoa performances will be the final ones before they launch a new show in 2014.


Fobulous opens with ‘Paul’ teaching ‘Victor’ their school’s Polynesian group dance routine and ends with Pacific Island’s Elvis impersonator ‘Suavai’ singing about his fame and fortune – or lack of it. In between, popular characters ‘Sam’ and ‘Tony’ return to talk about life from a fresh Samoan perspective


ASTCA noted that this would be the “first ever majorly sponsored event in ASTCA’s history.”


Talking about how ASTCA sees this augmenting their role in the community, ASTCA CEO Moefa’auo Bill Emmsley said, “ASTCA is reconnecting with our local community in creative ways … with its marketing efforts and strategic thinking.”


He said that the show itself will deliver a message of how “important family and friends are, but more so the values of our community, and that’s very important to ASTCA, because that’s in the core of its marketing values,” — the key elements of which ASTCA says are “culture, community and comedy”.


As for marketing and strategy, a press release issued prior to the media event outlines how “ASTCA is reconnecting” with the local community by dispensing “meaningful” service to the public with Customer Service Training for its employees, a call center to centralize trouble and information calls and its new technical support teams.


The release also highlights its current promotion of unlimited local calling and texting, saying it is a gift to the community for their loyalty throughout the years.


For the Laughing Samoans show, ASTCA is in partnership with Michael and Lole Hickey of MH Event — along with the assistance of other local businesses.


 “We are working together with ASTCA for this event and we’re really excited about bringing this show to Tutuila,” Hickey said.


Moefa’auo encourages everyone to come out and bring their families as it will be a great way to kick off the New Year, setting a positive tone for 2014.  Watch for details on dates, times and venue.


Video highlights of the interview available at and our Facebook page.


Tony Gasu contributed to this story.