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ASTCA Board explains hiring process of new CEO

PAGO PAGO, AS —  The ASTCA Board hired a new CEO William “Bill” Emmsley and the contract signing was on April 15, 2013 as announced at the signing ceremony where the media were invited to attend and as reported in the Samoa News and KHJ Radio.


Media sources contacted ASTCA Chairman Roy J.D. Hall, Jr. for specific information on applicants and asking for transparency in the selection of the new ASTCA CEO by disclosing the deliberations of the Board.


Chairman Hall determined that the questions were inappropriate. Mr. Hall informed the media that he would respect the right to privacy of any applicant and protect the deliberations of the Board. Also, Mr. Hall informed the media that any information that is in the public domain is available to the media, as long as it is truthful and verified by journalistic standards of reporting and ethics.


There were 6 applications received before the deadline, according to the ASTCA Board chairman. One applicant William Emmsley was an appointed member of the ASTCA Board of Directors and upon submitting his application immediately recused himself from attending or participating in any ASTCA Board meetings, including the ASTCA CEO review process.


The Sub-Committee for Human Resources for the Board of Directors submitted all the applicants to the American Samoa Government Home Land Security Department for a background and security clearance, before conducting the interviews.


Four applicants of the six applicants were interviewed by the Board of Directors and the Board asked each applicant for their vision for ASTCA in the future, what employee benefits would they initiate for ASTCA employees, what actions they would take to improve customer services and reduce rates. The applicants were also asked to discuss and disclose any conflicts of interest that he or she may have if selected as ASTCA CEO.


The visions expressed were to move ASTCA into the next phase of the digital age of telecommunications and as for customer service it was identified as a major concern for all the applicants that it needed to be addressed immediately by the new CEO. Rate reductions for telephone, cell and Internet services were also high on each applicant’s agenda. The applicants gave their strongest support for employee benefits to provide health and life insurance plans, educational opportunities and allowing performance with educational qualifications to drive promotion and advancement in ASTCA. One applicant said, “a happy employee is a productive employee”.


After the interviews, the two applicants with the highest qualifications and who were strongest in the interviews were deliberated and discussed by the Board. The final selection was made by secret ballot and was made subject to negotiating the final terms of the employment contract. If a contract could not be negotiated, the Board would determine if the other applicant would be considered for the CEO post.


Source: Media release from ASTCA board of directors