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Assessment: Samoa's disaster risk management priorities should guide funding

AUCKLAND, N. Z.— Matching Samoa's priorities with the interests of funding agencies is an important aspect of the county's plans for emergency preparedness said the Principal Disaster Management Officer, Ms Filomena Nelson during the 3rd Pacific Platform for Disaster Risk Management (DRM) held in Auckland New Zealand in early August.Two hundred delegates from 22 island countries and territories in the Pacific region, who met with experts from around the world to examine \a way forward\ to reduce the risks of disasters, including the impacts of climate change, that are affecting development in the Pacific region.Ms Nelson, who made a presentation at the week-long Platform meeting on the Needs Assessment that took place in Samoa after the 2009 tsunami, pointed out that there is an increasing awareness that preparedness and disaster risk reduction measures are a part of the development process within a country.Ms Nelson said that funding assistance needed to be \based on our vulnerabilities