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ASPA announces reduction in certain rates and fees

American Samoa Power Authority (ASPA) has decided to pass on to its customers the savings realized from being a fuel supplier in the territory.


ASPA had argued that becoming a fuel supplier in 2008 would result in savings of eight cents per gallon in fuel costs that would be passed on to customers, but that never happened. ASPA instead used the savings of more than $1.5 million a year to pay off old debts and a $2.8 million loan relating to its fuel supply operations.


The utility provider announced late Wednesday in a public notice that it would pass on an eight cents per gallon savings to customers. When the new utility bill went out yesterday (Feb. 21) the savings showed up as a deduction from the monthly fuel surcharge for each customer.


ASPA management team says “customers deserve some relief in the cost of utilities, albeit a small discount, but long overdue.”


During last year’s budget hearings, lawmakers again raised this issue with ASPA officials, and requested again that ASPA pass on this savings to customers, as promised from the beginning.


ASPA has also announced that it has reduced rates for some of its other services. One of the reduced fees is the “After Hour Vending Fee” assessed to purchase prepayment meter tokens during non‐business hours. The fee has been dropped from $5 to $2 per account.


Also reduced is the new water installation connection from $300 down to $150 for a residential water meter. ASPA says this will provide immediate relief for new water installation, and will also encourage customers to hook up to the ASPA water system.


ASPA has also initiated a Pause Fee, which will assist customers who go off island for a short period of time and would like to put a hold on their utility service charges without having to go through the permit process or pay for new installation fees to reinstate utility services.


Instead of paying new installation fees to restore service, ($150 for electric and the prior fee of $300 for water) the Pause Fee will be $50 for electric and $50 for water. ASPA says the Pause Fee makes it more convenient and affordable for existing customers to reinstall service.


ASPA notes as they continue to review operational costs, potential reductions for rates and other fees will be announced.


Elsewhere in today’s edition, is a full page advertisement from ASPA outlining the fees, which have been changed.