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ASPA and DoA set dog traps in effort to control strays

The American Samoa Power Authority is moving to control stray dogs around its Tafuna Compound, by setting up dog traps, in partnership with the Department of Agriculture Veterinarian Division.


In a statement Friday, ASPA informed residents around the Tafuna Power Plant compound that the authority is setting up traps from Apr. 23 to 30 in an attempt to remove strays from roaming the compound.


“This is an effort to help control the dog population and to keep the ASPA compound free of stray dogs that may cause damage to property and health concerns for our employees,” ASPA said.


“We...advise that if you or your relatives that live in the immediate area of the ASPA Tafuna Compound, to please keep your pets on a leash or away from roaming into the ASPA Compound during this week.  Please take responsibility of your pets to avoid being trapped and removed by the DOA,” it says.


ASPA’s move to trap stray dogs comes amid rising problem of stray dogs seen around its Tafuna complex, and other nearby areas. Some residents are concerned with stray dogs that might attack students who walk through this area of Tafuna.