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ASHSAA Girls Softball Champions: Cougars crush Warriors

The American Samoa High School Athletic Association Girls Softball 2012- 13 season came to a close this past Wednesday at the Tony Sola’ita Baseball Field, with the concluding game of this year’s season again, between Tafuna High School and Fa’asao Marist High School.

These two teams have managed to perfect their skills throughout the past years, and have been at it back to back to back in the last game of the season — the Championship game. Last year, the Cougars who were undefeated throughout the season, fell short at the hands of the Warriors in the Championship game that saw Tafuna written all over it.

This year, it was the Cougars, who dominated the game, racking up a 13- 2 win to take home the ASHSAA Girls Softball Championship title for the season.

The Cougars are under the management of Head Coach Seneuefa Muli’agatele and Assistant Coach and Principal of Fa’asao Marist,Victor Langkilde.


Cecilia Reid of the Cougars marched to the home base, for the first point of the game with Tafuna having a hard time trying to coordinate their passing game at the top of the first inning. Then at the bottom of the first, Ah Soon Nua of the Warriors came back and stole second and third along with the home base to tie up the ball game 1 – 1.

Top of the second inning and Reid again hits to midfield as she makes her way to the first base, and with midfielder Titiula Manuma not coming up with the quick swoop, Reid stole her way to second, third, and home base all at the same time for the Cougars to take the 2 – 1 lead.

In the same inning, Cougar Sidney Samoa bats her way to first base. And with Sagiao at bat for the Cougars, Samoa managed to steal her way to third base. Then, with Tafuna’s pitch unable to be caught by the catcher, the ball rolled to the back, allowing Samoa to steal her way to the home base for another Cougars’ point.

Closing off the top of the second inning, Tafuna was already struggling on defense, and the Cougars were on top 5 – 1, with Gabby Langkilde pitching for the Cougars, who struck out her first batter up. Tafuna was also having a hard time at batting, and were all out of luck with three batters down to close off the bottom of the second.

Top of the third, the Cougars were clearly on top 7 – 1 after Reid, Langkilde and Lafaele scored points for Fa’asao that had them playing with no regrets, no errors to think about. Tafuna was still trying to regroup and still trying to maintain their game strategy at best.

Tafuna was still trying to work their way back to tie up the ball game, but were unsuccessful as the Cougars made their way to a 10 – 1 lead into the bottom of the fifth inning. Late in the fifth inning, and Ah Soon Nua surprises the Cougars with a mid field hit, as she traveled around all three bases to score her second point of the game, Tafuna  trailed the Cougars 10 – 2.

Ah Soon Nua led the way for the Warriors, as they started to pick up their slacks late in the game, as the Warriors came back to scoring on a loaded bases situation that brought the Warriors back to trail the Cougars 10 – 5.

Top of the sixth inning and the Cougars change their momentum into something more extreme with Langkilde, Reid and Lafaele making their way to home base to close off the game at the top of the sixth, with the Cougars winning the Championship Game 13 – 5.

Awards ceremony after the game :

Championship Game MVP:            Gabby Langkilde (FMS)

Season MVP:            Titi Manuma (THS) — selected by coaches & officials

Coach of the Year:R uth Tuatoo (THS) — selected by coaches & officials

2012- 13 Champions:            Faasao Marist

2nd Place:            Tafuna