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ASHSAA courts and diamonds busy after Spring Break



The American Samoa High School Athletic Association (ASHSAA) Spring Sports continue with exciting Girls Basketball and Baseball action. After Spring Break last week, the girls in the ASHSAA Junior Varsity Basketball division headed back to the courts last Saturday, with three games being played this time in the Tafuna High School gymnasium.


Game one had the Fa’asao Marist Cougars winning their fourth straight to remain undefeated, as they got past the Leone Lions in a close one by a score of  20-16.  Game two had the Warriors overwhelming the helpless Samoana Sharks 39-11, while the Lions won in a squeaker over the Faga’itua Vikings by a score of 17-16. The next set of games in the ASHSAA Girls Junior Varsity division will be this Saturday at Tafuna High School with a scheduled starting time of 8:00 a.m. Game one will be the Warriors versus the Cougars, while game two will be the Vikings going against the Sharks.  The Cougars will then meet the Lions in game three.




The Varsity Girls Basketball division resumed play this past Tuesday, which had the Cougars walloping the South Pacific Academy Dolphins by a big score of  83-13 at the Malaeloa gymnasium.


This is the second win for the Cougars as they are now tied with the Lions in the standings. The next Varsity games will be today when the Warriors will host the Cougars and the Dolphins will be traveling to Samoana to take on the Sharks.


To finish out the week, tomorrow (Friday), the Vikings will meet the Nu’uuli VocTech Wildcats at Samoana, while the Lions will be meeting the Warriors in Tafuna.


 The Warriors and Sharks, are not scheduled to meet each other until Monday April 7 in Tafuna, which will be their second go around. Their first meeting had the Warriors winning by just two points.


The Vikings have only one loss—and that was to the Sharks on March 3. The Vikings have since improved and will be playing the Sharks again on Tuesday April 1. The Lions and Cougars have been sporadic in their wins, but still have ample time for improvement. Despite the Dolphins winning only one game so far this season, they have been showing constant improvement each game and should finish the season on a high note internally, but not in the win column. The Wildcats have stalled since day one and have not gone anywhere, and the light at the end of the tunnel for them keeps getting further and further away. All girls Varsity basketball games have a scheduled starting time of 4:30 p.m. unless they are scheduled to be played on a Saturday in which they will be played after the Junior Varsity games at the same location.




The boys of the diamond were back in full swing last Saturday with the bats cracking at the Tony Solaita Baseball Field. The previous weekend, the games had to be cancelled due to bad weather and with school being out  last week due to Spring Break, each team had a lot  of practice time on their hands.


Last Saturday, the defending champion Fa’asao Marist Crusaders dropped their first game of the season when they lost to the Warriors by a score of  3-1. The Lions defeated the Vikings 15-8.


The surprise team of the year— the Sharks— downed the Vikings 15-5, leaving the Vikings with their third loss of the season and nothing in the win column.


 The next baseball game will be today as the Sharks will be taking on the Warriors with a scheduled starting time of 4:30 p.m.


This coming Saturday, there are three scheduled games to be played beginning at 8:00 a.m. with the Crusaders playing the Vikings, the Warriors versus the Lions and the Sharks versus the Crusaders in the Crusaders second game of the day.


On Monday March 31, it will be the Sharks versus the Lions with a scheduled starting time of 4:30 p.m. All games are played at the Tony Solaita Baseball Field.


Here are the ASHSAA Spring Sports Standings of each team:


TEAM            W            L


ASHSAA Girls Varsity Basketball


Tafuna            4            0


Samoana            4            1


Faga’itua            3            1


Fa’asao Marist            2            3


Leone            2            3


South Pacific Academy            1            4


Nu’uuli VocTech            0            4


ASHSAA Girls Junior Varsity Basketball


TEAM            W            L


Fa’asao Marist            4            0


Tafuna            4            1


Leone            2            3


Faga’itua            1            4


Samoana            1            4


ASHSAA Baseball


TEAM            W            L


Samoana            2            0


Tafuna            2            1


Fa’asao Marist            2            1


Leone            1            2


Faga’itua            0            3