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ASHSAA 2013 Fall Sports Roundup

The American Samoa High School Athletic Association (ASHSAA) 2013-2014 Fall sports season came to an end last Saturday with the conclusion of Varsity football to end this year’s Fall sports. Here is a look back at this year’s ASHSAA Fall sports season.


Despite a rock throwing incident that pushed Fall sports back a little, it ended without a hitch.The season started out with the biggest sport that ASHSAA has always has to offer, and that is football. The defending Varsity champion Tafuna Warriors did it once again as they rolled to an undefeated season's end by defeating the Samoana Sharks in the finals last Saturday. In the ASHSAA Junior Varsity football division, the Leone Lions took the championship title thanks to hard hitting play all season.


In this year’s Girls Softball action, the defending champion Fa’asao Marist Cougars, who started the season off at a slow pace and sat in the middle of the pack during the whole regular season, were able to get by their arch-rival and higher seeded Warriors in the playoffs to take on the high powered and top seeded Sharks. In the end, it was the Cougars that prevailed to defend their title.


In the Boys Varsity Volleyball division, the Faga’itua Vikings made it back to the finals where they were able to defend their championship title against the Warriors at Tafuna who they defeated last year in the finals— also at the home of the Warriors.


In the Boys Junior Varsity Volleyball division, the Samoana Sharks met up with the Warriors in the finals at the home of the Sharks. The Warriors held out for the victory making them the new Junior Varsity Volleyball champions.


The Girls Varsity Volleyball season was dominated by the Vikings and Warriors. These two teams only met twice in the regular season with the Warriors winning the first match-up in the first game of the regular season, with the Vikings winning the second match-up — the last game of the regular season for both teams.


They met for the third and final time in this year’s championship finals. In the end, it was the Warriors who defended their championship title and kept the trophy at Tafuna High.


The Faga'itua Vikings, who were the defending Girls Junior Varsity Volleyball Champions, finished the season with only one loss, a forfeit loss at the beginning of the season. The Vikings walked away defending their title and keeping the trophy on the East Side.


So far this season, the Warriors have two titles— Varsity Football and Girls Varsity Volleyball. The Vikings also wound up with two titles Boys Varsity Volleyball and Girls Junior Varsity Volleyball. The Lions have one title:  Junior Varsity Football.


The Cougars have one title with Girls Softball, as do the Sharks in Boys Junior Varsity Volleyball.


The next set of sports are the Winter sports which include Boys Basketball, Girls Soccer and Boys and Girls Track and Field. Competition will not begin until January, after the holiday break.