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ASG will not sing in this year’s Christmas program

Government Agencies and Departments will not be singing at their annual Christmas program, rather Gov. Lolo Matalasi Moliga has assigned the Department of Youth and Women Affairs and Arts Council to put together a Christmas Program by the youth.


“It would be a different perspective, I’m sure people are tired of looking at us and hearing us, on TV every year — but this year will be a different — we will get the young people involved while ASG focuses on serving our people and let the youth focus on entertainment.” .


This announcement was made during the Cabinet Meeting held yesterday at the ASCC lecture hall.




The governor has tasked each Director to have their Departments and Agencies conduct their own fundraising for donations to the Philippines through the Filipino Community on island


According to international media, the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council say 3,982 deaths have been confirmed and at least 1,602 people are still missing in the storm-ravaged area. The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs says more than four million people have been forced from their homes and at least 13 million people were affected by Haiyan.


Lolo pointed out to each Director that it’s up to them, how they go about their fundraising, whether it be donating money inside a box or a can. He further stated this donation will be collected in two weeks time and each employee can donate any amount out of his or her good heart. The governor also made it clear the donation will be monetary and upon collection the amounts will be announced.


He also informed the cabinet members that the governor’s office would have a small office on the first floor of the EOB mainly for donations to the Philippines.  “We've been helped by many Pacific islands when we had our fair share of disasters and we should lend a hand to our Filipino family and friends," he told his cabinet.




Also during the cabinet meeting, the governor announced their newest employees at the governor’s office, Malaki Timu and Edwin Kamauhoa. 


Timu is Assistant to Iulogologo Joseph Pereira, the governor’s Executive Assistant, and will also be working with the youth. Timu is a catechist with the Catholic Church.


Kamauoha, a former prosecutor with the Attorney General’s office, will be assisting Steven Watson, the governor’s legal counsel.




Governor Lolo noted that following the Education Summit a report will be put together, which will be submitted to the governor’s office and be converted into an Executive Order. He reemphasized that education is everyone’s business, not just the DOE Director.


Lolo said among the moves to improve DOE is moving their entire maintenance division to the Department of Public Works and hopefully all support services will be moved away from DOE.


Let the teachers and principals concentrate on educating the children, he said, adding that concerns brought forward about language and other issues will be addressed.


The governor said hopefully the outcome of the summit will help push student performance forward, and help DOE and ASCC change their perspective — in terms of how they deal with educating the young people.


At the beginning of the new school year in 2014, the government will see that all teachers who’ll be teaching high school hold BA degrees, while elementary schools will have teachers with AA degrees at minimum.


“This is not the time for any more excuses,” Lolo said.


The governor also said the Adopt a school program will continue and a list was distributed to the cabinet members as to which school their department sponsors.


 “We find this program useful and effective and we intend to maintain this program, with the goal to get the businesses and the community involved.


“Make time to visit your school and help the school. Some of you have been complaining about not having funds — I don’t think it’s the right time to complain, you are leaders, directors and administrators — do what you have to do.”




Lolo said the government will be hosting a day before the close of the calendar year for cabinet members and their families who will come together in the name of fun, but at the same time, share concerns and collaborate with each other. He also said this will be underway before the Christmas parties.


Samoa News will report on other issues raised during the cabinet meeting in later editions.