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ASG Softball Slow Pitch Co-Ed Tournament winners

The 2011 American Samoa Government (ASG) Softball Slow Pitch Co-ed Tournament came to an end with the Department of Public Safety (DPS) who teamed up the the Emergency Medical Services (EMS), DPS/EMS taking the championship title this past Friday 12/9 at the Tony Solaita Baseball Field when they were able to down the team of Department of Human Resources (DHR) by a score of 19-9, leaving DHR to take 2nd place overall.

Third place overall went to Department of Public Works (DPW) when they defeated Blue Sky 12-10 also on Friday, leaving 4th place overall for Blue Sky.

“I want say thank you for allowing DPS and EMS to compete in this softball league and thank you to our commissioner Tuaolo Fruean and Deputy Commissioner Leseiau Laumoli for giving us the opportunity to play in the league. On behalf of my team, I congratulate all of the players that played on our team,” said DPS Officer Abel Penitusi.


TEAM                        WON                LOST                  TIE

Blue Sky                     9                        1                        1

DPS/EMS                    8                        3

ARFF                           8                        3

DHR                            7                        3                        1

ASERO                        7                        3                        1

DPW                           7                        4

Procurement            5                        5                        1

ASCO Motors           4                        7

SPED                          4                        7

MWR                         2                        9

ASCC                        2                        9

DOC                         1                        10