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ASG sends eviction notices for delinquent lease or rent

The Attorney General’s office is currently delivering eviction notices to businesses and tenants who are behind on their lease and rental payments to the government.

Assistant Attorney General Sarah Everett, who heads the Civil Division, said it’s been a couple of week since the eviction notices were delivered to the businesses.

“Any business and any tenant on government properties that are behind with payments will be receiving — if not warning notices — then it will be eviction notices.”

She was not able to identify the exact number of business tenants affected by the eviction notices being delivered, however she noted that there are quite a few.

Right now they are focusing on the stores at the airport, Everett said, saying that a majority of the stores have received eviction notices.

However, she explained,“We are also looking into the businesses located at the industrial park area.”

Everett said that due to the lack of manpower her office has yet to deliver all the pertinent eviction notices. She added that there are a few businesses who, once they received the notice, made arrangements with the government for payment.

She said some tenants and businesses who received the notices have made payments in full. “There are accounts that are behind, not months but years, for payments of their lease to the government property they occupied.”

Everett said that they will make arrangements, but if nothing progresses they will file eviction lawsuits with the court, which they have done in the past — adding there is another eviction lawsuit to be filed with the high court this week.

The recent ASG budget report for the first quarter of FY 2012 revealed the airport division is in the red for $343,496.