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ASG institutes new purchasing guidelines

New ASG guidelines for purchasing appliances and electronic devices were issued by executive order on Aug 21, 2012 accompanied by a separate memo.

Effective immediately, all ASG purchases of appliances and electronic devices shall require a US Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) “Energy Star” approval.

If an “Energy Star” approval is not available on the type of appliance or device in question, then the purchasing department submits a written request to Procurement Office for review by necessary departments,  states the executive order.

Procurement Office and Information Technology Department is charged with review of purchase orders and enforcement of this provision through their existing enforcement powers, in consultation with the American Samoa Environmental Protection Agency (ASEPA).

“By requiring the purchase of Energy Star appliances and devices by government agencies, energy efficiency can be increased throughout government offices in American Samoa,” said Gov. Togiola Togiola in the accompanying memo.

He cites the benefits of using the "Energy Star" appliances to include using 10 to 50 percent less energy resulting in lower utility bills and using components of higher quality, resulting in higher performance, fewer mechanical issues and longer equipment life.

Furthermore, energy efficiency is an essential part of the fight against pollution and climate change, because efficient appliances and devices require less energy to operate and are therefore responsible for less greenhouse gas pollution.

The governor states that ASG “has the opportunity to demonstrate environmental leadership by introducing ‘Energy Star’ appliances and devices to the territory and educating consumers about the many benefits of efficient products.”

See yesterday and Thursday editions of Samoa News for other new energy conservation policies implemented by the governor in the same executive order.