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ASAA in the right spot at the right time

There was a minor accident that occurred when a boy, (pictured center) cut his foot in the water at the Utulei Beach Park this past Saturday. Luckily for the boy, “JJ”, and his grandfather Agava’a (right), the American Samoa Aquatics Agency (ASAA) was on hand at the time, giving out free swimming lessons to the public.

They were able to assist Agava’a and his grandson — with the head of the ASAA Zero Iaulualo (left) giving first aid to the boy.

“I am thankful that the ASAA was here to give First Aid to my grandson. This is the most popular swimming place on island and everyone needs to help keep it clean and free from things that might injure you,” said Agava’a.

Iaulualo said, “This is why it is so important that we all must help keep the beach clean. I know parents and grandparents don’t want their children and grandchildren to get hurt by stepping on things that do not belong on the beach. The ASAA is here all of the time and we try and do our part to keep the water clean, just by doing simple things such as putting trash where it belongs... in the trash can. It’s not hard to do.”

“Everyone enjoys this beach. Let’s enjoy a clean and healthy beach,” he said.

Iaulualo said the boy may have stepped on a piece of glass or an open can... “either which should have not been in the water. Let’s all work together to keep the water clean and free of harmful things that do belong there so there will not be anymore injuries,” he said.