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Arrest warrant executed on DPS Officer for allegedly stealing ipod

The Criminal Investigation Division (CID) with the Department of Public Safety served Police officer Si’ufa’alele Sai yesterday with an arrest warrant that was issued by the Attorney General’s office.

Officer Sai, who was in uniform, was apprehended by police detectives when she was on duty at the West Substation and was taken to the Tafuna Correctional Facility.

The police officer will make her initial appearance in the District Court today in connection with allegedly stealing an IPod which was brought into the police station for a stealing from a store case last year.

Officer Sai is held on bail of $10,000, and is facing charges of Stealing and Embezzlement, as well as a Concealing Offense.

There is a second police officer who is a party to this case, but is off island. According to a police official, the second police officer charged will be coming back to the territory later this month; and will then be served with the arrest warrant once he returns on island.

According to the government’s case, a store filed a complaint with police last year about two female juveniles, who allegedly stole two iPods from the store and police were contacted. The minors were taken in for questioning along with the iPods. It’s alleged that when store officials followed up with the police on the status of their case, it was discovered that there was no record of a case of stolen iPods.

Each iPod is estimated to cost close to $200.