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American Samoa 350 Club announces billboard contest

Devastating floods in Fiji last week killed at least five people and left over 8,000 homeless. Fiji is considered one of the Worlds “Climate Change” hotspots and Fiji is just 770 miles from American Samoa.

In Tuvalu families are moving off of their Islands or to higher ground and planning for the time when their atoll will be completely underwater. They are securing their rights to their underwater lands, their fishing rights, and their mineral rights. Tuvalu is 790 miles from American Samoa. 

And that’s just in our little corner of the Pacific.

Across the planet we see more flooding, more drought, more storms, with some parts of the U.S. experiencing temperatures 20 to 40 degrees above normal for March — the impacts we’re witnessing from climate change are unlike anything seen before.

But because the globe is so big, it’s hard for most people to see that it’s all connected.

It’s time to ‘Connect the Dots’.

On May 5, 2012 the American Samoa 350 Club is joining with other 350 organizations around the world to ‘Connect the Dots’.

We’ll share images from around the world and put a human face on climate change — we’ll hold up a mirror to the planet and let people come face to face with the devastation of climate change.

By joining forces and participating in our events you will help to make our villages and our people aware of the need to scale back the world’s carbon output. We will devise plans and ways that we can use to do our part.

Our local 350 group is in the stage of planning for several events for the May 5th event and they will be announced as they are firmed up.  

One project that is ready to go is a billboard design competition for young local artists. They will incorporate their ideas using their artistic ideas about how climate change will change our lives. There will be five winners and their work will be displayed on billboards erected in five areas of the island.

All Island residents between the ages of 13 to 18 years are encouraged to enter.

Entry forms and rules can be picked up at Samoa News, Feleti Barstow Public Library, NOAA offices in Tafuna, the customer service counter at Ace/American Industries, the Arts Council Museum in Fagatogo (see Rex). They can also be downloaded from 350amsamoa.blogspot.

Entries must be submitted by noon at the Samoa News office on May 4th, and winners will be announced on ‘Connect the Dots’ day, May 5.


Most scientists agree that 350 parts per million (ppm) of CO2 in the atmosphere is the safe limit for humanity. And that’s how our organization got its name—

Right now there are 392 ppm in the atmosphere and it’s climbing.

The American Samoa 350 Environment Club, is the local affiliate of its parent, which is an international organization spreading scientific information regarding climate change. 

The last time the Earth’s atmosphere was at or below 350 was in 1985. 

The local 350 chapter is concerning itself with devising strategies that can be effective in spreading the climate change message. In particular its effects (now and in the future) to the Pacific Islands and our Territory.

Source: American Samoa media release