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Alleged gunman “suicidal” after breakup with girlfriend

The man who allegedly gunned down a Good Samaritan who offered him a ride on Tuesday night became “suicidal” after his girlfriend dumped him.He wanted to hijack the vehicle so he could kill himself.

That’s what the 21-year-old man accused of shooting Ete Faiumu told the Police when they arrested him on Wednesday night.

Assistant Police Commissioner, Le’aupepe Fatu Pula said the man told the Police that he was upset.

“His girlfriend had called him that night from American Samoa to break off their relationship and he was so upset that he was thinking of committing suicide,” Le’aupepe said. “He wanted to hijack the vehicle and crashed into something with the hope that he would die.

“However, when he jumped into Faiumu’s taxi that night, there was a third person inside so he told them that he wanted to go to Vaitele to get cash power.”

According to Police, the alleged shooter became even more upset when the late Mr Faiumu joked that the ride would cost him “between $20 and $40.”

“This angered him so much that when they arrived he told them to get out. He then directed the gun at the deceased, killing him.”

Mr Faiumu was accompanied by his brother when the incident happened at EPC’s Cash Power outlet at Vaitele. A .22 pistol, which is unlawful in Samoa, was used in the shooting.

“For now the man who is in custody is charged with the murder of Ete,” said Le’aupepe. “But it is possible that there might be additional charges in relation to being armed with a pistol.

A date for the accused man to appear in Court has yet to be finalised.

Meanwhile, Faiumu’s work mates at 57 Taxi Stand, Moto’otua, are shocked by his death.