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AG’s office seeks to consolidate cases for three charged in beating death

 The Attorney General’s office has filed a motion to consolidate the cases of the three men charged in connection with the brutal beating death of Sio Faumui, also known as Chico, in the summer of last year.

The defendants Nemaia Poamo, Migo Misa and Sefo Siaulaiga- aka Raponi Siaulaiga- are each charged with murder in the second degree.

 Associate Justice Lyle Richmond did not hear legal arguments on the government’s motion when it was called, because a defense lawyer, David Vargas, was ill on Friday. The Associate Justice told the government that Vargas is opposing the government’s motion and scheduled Thursday, March 15, 2012 to hear the arguments from all parties on the government’s motion.

Court filings state that the defendants assaulted the victim with their hands, rocks and a beer bottle. The 30-year old Chico was left lying unconscious about 15 feet from the main road in Malaeimi early Sunday morning. He was discovered with multiple injuries to his face, a huge laceration on the lower part of his chin, a swollen lip and missing teeth; and his face and head were covered in blood.

The victim was confronted by Alesana Ah Mu, who conspired with the defendants to assault Chico, according to the court filings.

The defendants, who are each in custody on bail of $100,000, have admitted to police that they assaulted Faumui, according to court affidavits.