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Admin extends amnesty program for two more weeks

The Lolo and Lemanu Administration’s Amnesty program has been extended for another two weeks, making March 28, 2014 the last day. The Amnesty program was slated to end last week Friday, says the Governor’s Legal Counsel Steven Watson.


“The Amnesty Program was extended on the chance we may be able to pull in some late registrants.” According to Watson, their goal from the beginning has been to capture all possible candidates for amnesty, “and as our team is continuing to work at the Fale Laumei to organize and collate files, it is relatively easy to keep the doors open at that location to allow for any late applicants.”


As reported earlier, Deputy Attorney General, Mitzie Jessop, who has been working with the Amnesty committee, noted that they have been very impressed with the turnout in the numbers registered. According to Watson, to date they have registered over 2,400 applicants. 


“This is in addition to those lawful residents already in the queue for hearings before the Immigration Board. No untoward difficulties have been experienced to date, although we have captured a handful who registered more than one time.”


Jessop pointed out one issue where there is a misunderstanding — is that, a lot of people have come in thinking this program can change their immigration status by making them permanent residents. However, she notes this is not the case — it is not what the amnesty is for.


The program is for those without an immigration ID, or with an expired ID, who are living in American Samoa.


Aofaga Ricky Salanoa, who works for the amnesty office, told Samoa News that for those who have already registered and were asked to provide additional documents, to please come by the Fale Laumei and be sure to bring the requested documents.