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Acting TEO director thanks Lolo, speaks frankly in resignation letter

Outgoing Acting Director for the Territorial Energy Office, Timothy Jones has recommended to Governor Lolo Matalasi Moliga some of the qualifications for the next TEO Director. The recommendations were included in Jones' resignation letter sent to the governor last week.


Jones was rejected by the Fono as TEO director and following the denial of confirmation, Governor Lolo established an administrator post the same day for Jones at the TEO. Jones, however, declined the post, saying he does not want to come between the Governor and the Fono and submitted a resignation letter.


Jones pointed out in his letter that the next TEO Director "should have the ability to do more than manage the outlets of refrigerators and light bulbs."


 “They should have a solid understanding of Utilities and Transportation," he said, adding, "This is an Energy Office, not the government version of ACE hardware."


“They should also have the ability to command respect from the Federal Grantors, which has never happened at the TEO until a few months ago,” Jones said, and further recommended for the governor to consider asking Utu Abe Malae (ASPA’s CEO) for his suggestions on the next TEO appointment because ASPA will need to work closely with that person. “The importance of that fact cannot be overstated,” said Jones.


In this resignation letter Jones pointed out that the Fono’s problem with him was not due to his qualifications.


“That was never challenged," he wrote, adding that "the problem is that a few unhappy people made more noise than the many who were content."


“It is the way of politics,” said Tim to the Governor.


As reported earlier, Jones told Samoa News he believes he has done a lot of good at TEO in his six month tenure as Acting Director. “It’s too bad that it has come at a cost to the Governor’s relationship with the Fono. I’m stepping down as acting director of the TEO in hopes that will create an opportunity for the Governor to repair the disrupted relationship with the Fono that I was at the center of," he stated.


In response to Jone’s resignation letter the governor noted he was touched by Jones' commitment to the success of the administration.


“I am truly touched by your great sensitivity and your commitment to the success of our administration by offering to make the decision that I vowed that I would not make, not because of any sense of defiance against repeated denial of your confirmation, but because of my great love for our people, who will be the victims of these political decisions that transcend common intelligence and good reasoning,” said the governor in response.


The governor told Jones that based on his recommendations for the next TEO Director, “the appropriate Job Description has been developed and will be used as the basis for the advertisement which will be going out this week soliciting applications for this post.”


In conclusion the governor thanked Jones for his unswerving loyalty, his “can do” attitude and his progressive and aggressive approach to problem resolution.