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The “2012 Helpful Hands” program is in its 7th year. First launched in 2006, it’s Ace’s biggest, annual community project.

How it works: Students, Teachers, Parents, Alumni write a 1 page essay to Ace to explain why their school needs a “helpful hand.”  Ace then donates a total of $10,000 of building materials (which includes electrical, plumbing, lumber, paint etc) to fix up an area of the school. No purchase Is necessary, and its open to both public and private schools.

This Program was held during the month of September 2012 and the response from the community was overwhelming. Altogether, 31 schools wrote in, for a total of almost 300 essays. 

2012 Winners:

Leone Midkiff  Elementary                        $5,000

Principal Teofilo Makiasi

Winning essay by Student 8th grader Tiaina Ala


Laulii Elementary                                     $3,000

Principal Loretta Ainuu           

Essay by Teacher Gingerlei Maga Uili and her 7th grade students


Faasao Marist High School                        $2,000

Principal Victor Langkilde

Essay by Student Senior Cecilia Reid


Each school is able to use their award money for any area of the school that the Faculty and Administration feel needs the most attention — whether it’s a new coat of paint, new screen wire, fix old doors, replace light fixtures, etc.

Ace’s objective is for the award money to be used to help improve and enhance the school’s environment.

Ace American Industries is owned by the Scratch Family, and celebrates 28 years of service to American Samoa. It is a one-stop shop for hardware and building materials, electronics, furniture and much more.