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Samoa readies for by-election

Five candidates will be contesting tomorrow's by-election for Samoa's Gagaifomauga number one territorial constituency.

This follows the death of the ruling HRPP party MP and Associate Minister, Tuilo'a Anitele'a Tuilo'a, last month.

Four HRPP party candidates, one of them a woman, will be standing against one opposition Tautua Samoa party candidate.

The Electoral Commissioner, Papalii Malietau Malietoa, says polling booths will open at eight in the morning and close at three in the afternoon.

The electorate has about 2,000 voters.

Samoa Minister charged with drunk driving

Samoa's Acting Police Commissioner, Fauono Talalelei Tapu, has confirmed the Associate Minister for the Ministry of Prime Minister and Cabinet, Peseta Vaifou Tevaga, has been charged with drunk driving.

This comes after the government vehicle he was driving collided with another car last Friday night.

The acting commissioner says a breathalyser test at the police headquarters soon after had shown the minister had exceeded the legal limit.

Fauono has also confirmed that Peseta Vaifou Tevaga, who is a former policeman, was taken into police custody on the night of the incident.

Samoan woman walks free from manslaughter charges

A 19-year old woman in Samoa has been found not guilty of two counts of manslaughter and two counts of negligent driving causing death after a three-week assessor trial.

Leslie Kolhase was charged by police after a car she had been driving in November last year crashed and killed two young men, Jessie Risale and Thesaurus Heather.

She was also alleged to have been heavily intoxicated at the time of the accident.

The prosecution had 24 witnesses against the defence's six witnesses supporting the accused's not guilty plea.

Ship rescues 3 sailors stranded off Hawaii

HONOLULU — Three men are safely aboard a container ship enroute to Honolulu after spending 24 hours battling the effects of Hurricane Julio aboard a disabled sailboat 414 miles northeast of Oahu Monday.

Rescued are 61-year-old Ben Nealy, 22-year-old Lee Nealy, and 22-year-old Mike Vanway.

The 42-foot sailboat enroute from Stockton, Calif., to Honolulu, was dismasted and flooding with three passengers aboard.

Scathing report into Auckland man's murder in Samoa prison

A mentally ill Auckland man spent his last hours in a Samoan prison punishment cell on Christmas Day pitifully crying out for his wife and children before being murdered, an official report has found.

But none of the prison officers could be bothered to help.

The body of Hans Dalton, 28, was found upside down in a water barrel and his death was initially ruled a suicide.

He had been on holiday in Samoa when he was caught in a hurricane and lost access to medication.

Tales of the Pacific: When Hawaii looked to lead Polynesia

A short history of the Hawaiian Navy, and I don't mean the American navy in Hawaii. I refer to the naval forces of the Hawaiian islanders.

Back in olden days the Hawaiians used canoes for inter-island travel and warfare. But in the late 1800’s Hawaii flexed its muscles and tried to establish an international presence by leading a Polynesian federation to resist white imperialism. Their fleet consisted of one ocean-going vessel purchased from the British which they named the Kaimiloa. Unfortunately for the Hawaiians things did not go as planned.

Trial over double death winding down in Samoa

The lawyers involved in the hearing of a 19-year-old girl accused over the death of two young men last year were scheduled to deliver their final submissions this past Friday.

It was the third week of Leslie Kohlhase’s trial.

Kohlhase faces four charges in relation to the deaths of Jessie Risale, 22, of Vaimoso and Thesaurus Heather, 20, of Tufuiopa.

She has pleaded not guilty to two counts of manslaughter and two alternative charges of negligent driving causing death.



Nykki Knight, the mother of 12-week old Kaimani - Baby Kai - hospitalized in isolation at a children’s hospital in Portland, Oregon, has expressed her family’s sincere appreciation to all those who are willing “to help our little son” and she has provided additional information on her Samoan grandfather from American Samoa.


Hawaii island slammed with winds, rains overnight

Tropical Storm Iselle, weakened by wind shear and its passage through Hawaii island's tall volcanoes, moved south of Oahu Friday afternoon and continues to drop in wind speed.

The U.S. Geological Survey said the Wailuku River averaged 2 to 4 feet earlier this week but was as high as 17 feet Friday.

Report shows fuel costs in the Pacific lowest in the two Samoas


The latest fuel price analysis in the Pacific covering the first-three months of calendar year 2014 found that American Samoa and Samoa have the lowest overall fuel costs, according to the South Pacific Community (SPC) group, which also says that other Pacific countries have shown interest in engaging American Samoa officials on sharing best price practices.
This is according to the newest edition of the SPC key output of its Petroleum Advisory Services – the Pacific Fuel Price Monitor (PFPM), for the first quarter of 2014, released this week.

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