Hawkeye: Born to do it

“The earth has enough for every man’s need, but not for every man’s greed.”

“Some men succeed by what they know; some by what they do; and a few by what they are.”

Good morning to all fine friends and loyal readers of Hawkeye.

In some circles it is said that good politicians are born to do it. These are the ones who will lie, cheat, and steal the gold from grandma’s teeth. While this does not stand true for all politicians, it is a marker for many.

General Robert E. Lee once said to one of his orderly’s somewhere on the Barbary Coast of Southern Iran: “I shall be a-commin back; Ya’all hearah?” As to whether he actually ever did return is still hidden somewhere in the annals of history.

Hawkeye wishes to comment once again on the book “No Easy Day” by “Gorgeous George Sheppard.” This is a masterpiece. Hawkeye is right to the point where they wrecked one of the “Baby Heuey” helicopters when they attempted to land in the compound. This was a minor setback, (Perhaps to the US Taxpayers), but it never slowed down the SEAL’s assault team one bit. They just kept right on a-chargin blowing their way into the residence of Old Salami Bin Laden while he was fast asleep! They could have at least waited until after the early morning prayers…Humm.

Anyway, this is well worth the cover price of $7.50 on Amazon. Hawkeye cannot wait to re-join the raid when he has the urge to heed the call of Mamma Nature once again.

Hawkeye will more than likely have finished this book by the time most readers have obtained this episode of Hawkeye. He will then head over to his new book by “Jessie Ventura” “Dummykarats & Bloodlicians.”

This proves to be a typical Jessie take on modern politics! Hawkeye will keep ya posted with a critique from time to time.

It seems as though the Judge has spoken his piece pertaining to the legal protest of some candidates as to whether or not everyone is qualified to be in the race.

While this would have been hunky dory for a couple of teams, it would have made for a lopsided victory. So the long arm of the Law has once again reached out and touched somebody. All participants are still participants, and the Drums Keep on a-beating! Let the facts be known after we all hit the polling stations.

Hawkeye will vote for the team who is thoughtful enough to have “Spam & Eggs” for the takeout as Hawkeye is an early riser. Besides, 0600 in the morning is a little too early to be eating Turkey Tails!

Hawkeye and Sweet Leanor will take time out from their busy schedules to wish their friends out there in “Dickerson Texas” a very merry day in the sun.

Keep your chickens choked and your livestock watered. Don’t forget to pick them thair “Black eyed Peas befo the next snow that’s a-cummin your way! From Hawk & Leanor.

The Ice-caps are melting at breakneck speeds these days folks. Looks like Al Gore might be able to pat himself on the back again after predicting the Internet, and all that is good in this world today.

He and Tipper, (His Wife) gave a lifelong “Lip Lock” at the last big global warming speech by Al, which in essence turned out to be a lecture on how to remain happily married throughout the years even taking in to consideration that the world is about to end by allowing animals to flatchulate to excess. This was just before his marriage to Tipper was dissolved. Speaking of phonies? Humm.. Tipper was the name of a horse from the movies.

And speaking of Jessie Ventura, Jessie told the Putrid Piers Morgan that he just might be running for President of the United States in 2016! This could just be the answer folks. Jessie will not be running on either the GOP Ticket, or the Democratic Ticket. He will be running on Jessie’s ticket.

Hawkeye says to this: It is too bad that Jessie isn’t running for President this time around instead of running his mouth!

Jessie is good at running his mouth, which makes him a number one Candidate for Presetene of the United Estete. Hawkeye would nearly bet that these countries such as Iran, North Korea, Russia, China, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Palestine the Broncs, San Diego, and East L.A. would think twice before they threatened the Good ole US of A!. They would be negotiating with someone who has the Balls’ of a Brass Monkey, and the lip service that goes with it!

As Hawkeye’s friend Sarah Palin said: “We need someone with Cahonies!”  Someone who will stand up to Harry Reid, and Nanny Pelosi!

Oh well. Each to their own folks. Let’s just concentrate on what we have right here in Hooterville.

Folks;  Don’t forget that we are coming in to the Cyclone season in the Tropics. Be prepared to head for the hills with plenty of reading material, and drinking water.

Keep it Kleen until next week.

From yours truly,

Leanor and Sweet Hawkeye. Er---OOPS!


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