Rave reviews for Where We Once Belonged

SOME OF THE CAST: Where we once belonged. [Samoa Observer]

Lights dimmed, actors in place, action!

Excitement is in the air as the cast of ‘Where We Once Belonged’ get into character and begin telling the story about Alofa; a young girl trying to find her place both in society and in her family.

The play is an adaptation of Sia Figiel’s ‘coming of age’ novel ‘Where We Once Belonged’, played by a cast of nine local actors and actresses.

Directed by Fiona Collins and produced by Dionne Fonoti, the play has received rave reviews for its portrayal of the novel and how it is such a relevant story for all Samoan families to witness.

The play tackles common issues that occur in a traditional Samoan family, as it begins its first strike of westernization.

Such issues include infidelity, curiosity, religion, and family secrets -the play truly tells a story of hardship and conflicts.

Producer, Dionne Fonoti, spoke with the Observer about her excitement over the play.

‘Where We Once Belonged’ is the first play Ms. Fonoti has produced and she said that there is a difference between producing theatre and film.

“It was just an amazing experience and I have no regrets. I have so much love and respect for theatre and live performances… the beauty of theatre and the certain rawness from it; despite the time producing it in comparison to film.”

The play was well received by the audience, and there are plans for the play to be performed two or three times a year.

Residential Manager of Coral Reef Academy, Ben Toilolo, along with students from the Academy found the play to be very enjoyable, and a different experience.

“I found the play to be good and different from what I expected it to be. It was better than what I expected and you get to see the mix between a traditional Samoan family and modernization.”

A tourist visiting from Australia, Sharon Grantley, raved that the play was “excellent particularly how all the different themes and acting were such a brilliant adaptation. I would definitely recommend it to many others overseas.”


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