PanSa escapes close one against Vaiala Tonga

Vaiala Tongan defenders hustle to clear the ball from the edge of the box as PanSa players try to take possession of it. [FFAS MEDIA]

PanSa eeked out a 2-1 men’s Division 2 FFAS National Cup win over Vaiala Tongan in a very close contest played on Sept. 22, 2012 at Pago Park Soccer Stadium.

In other Division 2 round 6 matches of the 2012 FFAS National League it was Atu’u Broncos 1, Lion Heart B 0; FC SKBC 6, Ilaoa & To’omata 1 and Taputimu Youth 7, Green Bay 1.

There is one more match remaining in the first round-robin of the competition and currently the standings are:

No. 1 FC SKBC (5-0-1, 15 points)

No. 2 PanSa (5-0-1) 15 points)

No. 3 Taptutimu Youth (4-1-1, 13 points)

No. 4 Atu’u Broncos (4-0-2, 13 points)

No. 5 Ilaoa & To’omata (2-0-4, 6 points)

No. 6 Green Bay (1-1-4, 4 points)

No. 7 Vaiala Tongan (1-1-4, 4 points)

Lion Heart B (0-1-5, 1 point)

The seventh and final round of the first round-robin will not take place this week as the second round of the 2012 President’s Cup group stage will be played on Saturday, Sept. 29 at Pago Park Soccer Stadium.


Casper Kuresa came out the hero for PanSa with a brace against Vaiala Tongan during the Division 2 FFAS National Cup challenge but it was a victory that could have turned the other way.

Vaiala Tongan let their speedy forwards and midfielders loose and they almost came away with two goals in the first half.  Bad second touches with the ball saw it get away from them after beating PanSa’s goalie.

Kuresa headed in a perfect corner kick for his first goal and then added a second one in the last half.

Sinisa Tua, after giving PanSa trouble all throughout the match with his blazing speed, finally shot one in for a 2-1 final score.


Atu’u Broncos and Lion Heart B kept attacking one another with vigor all throughout the match but still could not score.

Not until two minutes to full time when Rafael “Fish” Rocha finally blasted a shot into the back of the goal after many tries to give his team the 1-0 win.


Ilaoa & To’omata made things interesting with a 2-1 score in the first half.

But Chris Seui went on a four-goal rampage in the second half to turn the match into a blowout for the division-leading SKBC.

Seui totaled 5 goals for the match including the game’s first score.


Taputimu romped to a 7-1 win thanks to the best striker duo in the league, Bobby Nu’usila and Ryan Petaia.

Petaia scored twice in the first half to help Taputimu to a 3-1 lead while Nu’usila finished it off with a four-goal, second half performance.  Scoring one goal for Taputimu was Pepa Meredith.

Ryan Paaga scored the lone goal for Green Bay.


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