Tafuna dominates over Stallions, Leone having a hard time with Marist

Pale Filoiali’i of Kanana Fou trying to find an open gap in the middle of the line of scrimmage, but is dominated by a host of defenders during the fourth quarter of their game last week Thursday, where the Stallions lost to the Warriors 60 - 0. [photo: TG]

Last weekend’s match up kicked off on Thursday between the Warriors and the Stallions previewed a huge mismatch in that game, after the Warriors went home after a dominating 60 – 0 win over Kanana Fou, leading up to the tough match-up between the Leone Lions and  Fa’asao Marist Crusaders Friday night, which didn’t have three time Player of the Game Folasa Vili on the field.

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Thurday Evening Game:

Varsity Division


Daniel Fereti led the Warriors with the opening drive of the game that saw Fereti sending out the long 43 yard touchdown pass to Filipo Mataia for his first touchdown of the game, opening up the Warriors opportunities with an 8 point lead after Fereti fired out another pass play to Lauina Futi for their two point conversion early in the game with 9:02 in the first quarter.

Later on in the quarter, Kanana Fou who was pinned deep in their own territory on fourth down, decided to go for it, but they found out the hard way when their fourth down conversion never converted for a first down situation, leading to one of Tafuna’s most fortunate opportunities when Fereti came in to lead his offense on Kanana Fou’s 12 yard line, and sent Vena Umu up the middle and into the end zone with the draw hand off that sent six more points onto Tafuna’s side of the scoreboard. Aj Filoiali’i with the two point conversion had the Warriors on top by 16 points.

5:46  in the second quarter, and Tafuna threatened the Stallions from their own 45 yard line, when Fereti dropped back to air out the long bomb to Ryan Pa’aga for his first touchdown of the game, recording a 55 yard touchdown reception along with the good two point conversion by AJ Filoiali’i, which had Tafuna on top 24 – 0.

Late in the second quarter, and Fereti again flexes his shoulder for another bullet pass up the middle of Kanana Fou’s defense, straight into the hands of Simon Tuese who caught that pass and took it into the end zone for a 34 yard touchdown reception, to spot the Warriors on top with 32 points after the two point conversion in the hands of Vena Umu.

Just when the crowed thought Tafuna was done scoring for the first half of the game, Fereti says “tough luck” when it was just a minute and 22 seconds remaining in the quarter, heading into half time, and Daniel Fereti sits comfortably in the pocket to fire out a bullet straight through the middle to find Vena Umu in the end zone for another Warriors touchdown, which had Tafuna on top 40 – 0 going into half time.

Throughout the second half of the game, Tafuna sat out Fereti to be saved for the next game after Daniel amazingly put up 40 points in the first half, and Tafuna brought in back up quarterback AJ Filoiali’i, who managed the Warriors offensive unit throughout the second half and the remainder of the match.

AJ Filoiali’i connected well with Opetaia Leaea for the opening touchdown pass of the second half from the Stallions 2 yard line. Their two point conversion to Rico Letuli was stopped immediately in the back field by Emmit Kalio, denying them from an end zone conversion for the first time in the game.

8:10 remaining in the ball game, and the Warriors finds a comfortable first down situation on the Stallions 3 yard line that saw Rico Letuli coming straight up the middle for his second try to the end zone, and was successful after muscling his way towards the goal line to record another touchdown conversion for Tafuna, spotting the Warriors with a 54 point lead after the good two point conversion by AJ Filoiali’i.

Then, closing off the ball game and ending the misery for the Stallions was Filoiali’i again who found Nathaniel Vaeao on the quick slant pass from the Stallions 25 yard line, saw Vaeao headed to the end zone with no questions asked, as he marked off another Warriors victory with a 60 – 0 blow out dominating game, and still the undisputed undefeated team in the league.

Player of the Game: Daniel Fereti

Samoa News picked starting Senior Quarterback Daniel Fereti to his second title of Player of the Game after an amazing leadership skill to send the Warriors to 40 points all in the first half of the game. He averaged 8 out of 10 completed passes per series. He threw 5 passes for touchdown receptions, and averaged over 100 yards on passing receptions, and 7 yards per quarterback keep.

Friday Night Lights:

JV Division


Three time Player of the Game Folasa “Frost” Vili didn’t appear in last Friday evening’s match up against the Crusaders, due to Leone High School’s disciplinary system that has “Frost” under supervision, but it didn’t stop Leone’s undefeated Junior Varsity team from winning against the Crusaders.

Eddie Tagaleo’o sent the Lions to their first end zone conversion after leading them to the Crusaders 1 yard line, Tagaleo’o kept the ball into the end zone himself on a quarterback sneak to record their first touchdown of the game. Their two point conversion was denied by the Crusaders defensive unit led by Niko Lelevaga, who took over for the injured Ueseli Mamea who also did not appear in last Friday nights game.

Quinn Solo Chanel stepped his game up and took the leadership role for the Lions on both offense and defense, after his two yard touchdown reception that extended Leone’s lead to 12 – 0. Not too long after that Chanel who was on fire, picked off an interception to bring the Lions back onto the field, and Tagaleo’o made Chanel work his way up the middle to adding more yardage to his record. Then with their third down reception on the Crusaders 12 yard line, Tagaleo’o sent Chanel up the middle again for his second touchdown of the game. Their two point conversion was good with another inside hand off to Quinn Solo Chanel, that spotted Leone on top with the 20 point lead and concluding the match up with a hard running game by Chanel to send the Lions home with a 20 point victory.

Player of the Game: Quinn Solo Chanel

Samoa News picked Quinn Solo Chanel the Safety, Running Back and Wide Receiver as the Player of the Game after his amazing leadership skills, and recording three end zone conversions. 2 Touchdown receptions and 1 two point conversion, averaging 16 carries and 108 rushing yards, 3 assists and 1 solo tackle along with an interception on defense.

Varsity Division

Leone 26 – Marist 12

“Lion Heart” Rudey Steffany rushed for 34 yards to spot the Lions first down possession on the Crusaders 1 yard line early in the first quarter to spotting his first touchdown of the game and sending the first six points of the game on the Lions side of the scoreboard. The field goal conversion by Ricky Petaia Tanielu was good enough to spot the Lions on top with a 7 point lead.

Leone experienced the toughness of the Crusaders defensive unit after Julius Fitisemanu sacked Schroeder in the back field twice, then came back again to deflecting a pass from Schroeder intended for Lefiti in the first quarter of the game.

2:43 in the second quarter, and Leone’s Rudey Steffany starts to stir things up again with a hard running game that sent Leone inside the Crusaders red zone. Then with Leone playing the second down conversion on the Crusaders 2 yard line, Marist expecting Steffany to muscle his way up the middle, were totally disappointed when Schroeder faked the hand off to Steffany and went the opposite direction with the quarterback keeper that spotted another Lions touchdown, and with the field goal conversion by Petaia being successful, the Lions were leading 14 – 0.

“Lion Heart” Steffany opened up the second half of the game with a 5 yard touchdown reception, after Marist experienced some major snapping infractions on offense that lead to a fumble, which sent Leone to a fortunate opportunity, and Steffany in the end zone for his second touchdown of the game. Their field goal conversion by Petaia was no good.

Suddenly, Marist finally coming back to life late in the third quarter, right after the Lions scored their touchdown, and sending the kick off over the Crusaders, Maclin Afoa received that kick off, bounced out to the sidelines, and made his trail up the middle, taking a 91 yard kick off return all the way to the house for the Crusaders first touchdown of the game.

Then, when Leone came back on offense, James Migo leading the Crusaders defense managed to stop the Lions on a 3 and out series, forcing Leone to punt on a fourth down conversion from their own 43 yard line, the punt that was received by Ben Tulua, who returned that punt all the way back for another Crusaders touchdown to record a 90 yard punt return.

7:08 in the fourth quarter, and Leone felt the heat brought on from the Crusaders defense, and managed to pull through with a third down conversion being held on the Crusaders 3 yard line, quarterback keep by Asofa’afetai Olo was good enough for another Leone touchdown. Their two point conversion hand off to Rhys Faamausili was good enough to send the Lions home with a 28 – 12 victory

Player of the Game: “Lion Heart” Rudey Steffany

Samoa News picked the Senior running back and team captain Rudey Steffany from Sogi who averaged 8 yards per carry, 2 touchdown conversion and rushed for 98 yards throughout their match up against the Crusaders.

Saturday Morning Football:

Junior Varsity Division


Gus Napoleone led the Vikings with an explosive first half of the game when Napoleone took off for a 43 yard quarterback keep that couldn’t be stopped by Samoana on their own 43 yard line. Second down possession of the Vikings and Napoleone gets pressured, forcing him to take off with the ball, and was uncatchable when he reached the end zone.

Later on in the first, Napoleone connected with Lafaele Simanu on the quick slant pass that sent Simanu to the end zone for the Vikings second touchdown of the in the first quarter of their match up with 4:34 remaining.

Late in the second quarter, Fagaitua trying to get through the Sharks defensive unit, never gave up pounding the ball towards the middle, as Napoleone executed a third down conversion that was set for a first down possession, but Scott Poloa turned it up big when he slipped through the middle, and was gone for a 12 yard touchdown reception to close off the first half of the game, with the Vikings leading by 20.

Opening up the second half of the match was Samoana sending the kick off over the Vikings, Ferrin Manuleleua who had trouble picking up the ball, and saw more trouble coming his way when a host of Sharks came in to recover the football on the Vikings 5 yard line, bringing in Ronhen Tui and their offensive unit to start their second half of work.

9:32 in the third quarter, and Tui hands off the counter play to Paula Passi who forced his way up the middle for his 3 yard touchdown reception on a third down drive. Their two point conversion hand off to Paulo Aitoto was good enough to have the Sharks come back to trail the Vikings 20 – 8.

Late in the third quarter, with just 2:25 remaining, and Samoana marched down the field with their non stop running game that led to a fortunate first down situation for them on the Vikings 20 yard line, another hand off to Paula Passi assured them another end zone conversion to come back and trail the Vikings 20 - 14.

Suddenly, late in the fourth quarter, Samoana trying their best to come back and tie up the ball game, were totally disappointed when their defensive unit failed to stop the Vikings unstoppable no huddle offense, when Napoleone called a spread formation trying to spread the defense out and looking to pass, instead he gave out the draw hand off to Ferrin Manuleleua for a 23 yard touchdown reception that was followed by the two point conversion by Manuleleua again, secured the Vikings win with a 28 - 14 victory.

Player of the Game: Gus Napoleone

Samoa News selected the Freshmen starting Quarterback from the village of Lauli’i as the Player of the Game after recording a 43 yard quarterback keeper for a TD, 1 pass for TD, 2 hands offs for TD’s and averaged 5 of 10 completed passes per series.

Varsity Division


“Superman” Aloese Su’a opened up the game with a sneaky looking run, which turned into a disappointment for the Wildcats when Su’a stopped right behind the line of scrimmage, and fired out a half back pass to Johnny Sione for a 15 yard touchdown reception that sent the first six points of the game to the Vikings side of the scoreboard. Their two point conversion possession was an unstoppable hand off to “Iron Man” Howard Tautu that had the Vikings on top by 8 points.

After leading the Wildcats into the second quarter of the game with a 16 point lead, the Wildcats surprised the Vikings with something that they never expected. Second down play of Nu’uuli on the Vikings 25 yard line, and Felise Enoka rushed to the sidelines with the sweep play, that Enoka turned up field for Nu’uuli’s first touchdown of the game that brought them back to trail Fagaitua 16 - 8 after the extra point possession by Enoka again.

Ta’ala managed to connect with his favorite doubles throughout their drive to punch in some more points for the Vikings, after connecting with Aloese Su’a again and Howard Tautu for another 8 points to the board for the Vikings.

Later on in the second quarter, 4:43 remaining in the first half, and the Wildcats tried to play out another threatening run on second down from their own 41 yard line, and the Wildcats fumble the ball on a snap infraction, which saw the Vikings Brandon Ripley coming from the back side of the play, and immediately picking up the ball, and taking it all the way back for Fagaitua’s first defensive touchdown of the game as they extended their lead 30 - 8.

Just when the crowed thought Fagaitua was done scoring on the first half, Head Coach Sua’ese Pooch Ta’ase thought “score, score, score”, when he called their opening TD play again late in the second quarter, 1:22 remaining until halftime, and the Vikings close the half with another half back pass play, this time out to Aloese Superman Su’a , who caught that 30 yard touchdown reception for another Fagaitua touchdown.

Lomitusi Ta’ala of Fagaitua continued to dominate with his offense over the Wildcats defensive unit, leading the Vikings over the Wildcats with a 49 - 8 victory with their last touchdown coming in the hands of “Small Man” Eti Fealofa’i on a third down conversion, that sent Fealofa’i to the end zone for a 22 yard touchdown reception to seal the win for the Vikings.

Player of the Game: “Superman” Aloese Su’a

The Vikings Senior “free safety/running back” was chosen by Samoa News as the Player of the Game after recording 3 touchdown reception, 1 pass for TD, 1 Interception, 8 assist, and 5 solo tackles, 2 tackles for losses.


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