Warden solves stray dog problem with rifle

A white dog was seen here just inside the Territorial Correctional Facility fence around 2 p.m. yesterday. It wasn’t immediately clear if “man’s best friend” was a pet of one of the TCF officers or inmates. Just across the street from the TCF were two other dogs roaming around. [photo: FS]

Police Warden Lumana’i Maifea has responded to calls to Samoa News that he allegedly discharged a firearm, in the front gate of the Tafuna Correctional Facility and inside his office.  

Warden Maifea explained that he was trying to eliminate the problem of stray dogs inside the jail premises.

“The stray dogs come into the jail and go through the rubbish and also dig up the plantation where the inmates work on a daily basis and it was just getting out of hand,” he said.

Responding to Samoa News queries, Warden Maifea said this happened several weeks back, where he looked for a solution to stop the stray dog problem at the TCF and came up with the solution to eliminate the stray dogs by shooting them with his personal rifle.

The Warden said he took his personal rifle to the TCF once and now the rifle is back at his residence.

Samoa News asked if the rifle was registered and the Warden declined to respond to the question. He added that dogs are not allowed inside the jail, which is a policy of the Department of Health, so he as the Warden had to act to eliminate the problem by shooting the stray dogs.

Samoa News asked the Warden how many dogs were killed in the alleged shooting on the day in question and he responded, “Only one dog; the other stray dogs got away, and I don’t see anything wrong with what I was doing.”

The warden said he shot the stray dogs in front of the TCF gate, not inside the TCF compound, because weapons are not allowed inside the TCF.

The Warden also confirmed reports that the rifle allegedly went off inside his office, leaving a hole on the wall.

Warden Maifea told Samoa News he was trying to clear the bullets from the rifle and suddenly the rifle went off, leaving a hole in the wall.

“I was trying to clear the bullets from the rifle and next thing you know it went off, but no one was injured. The bullet hit the wall inside my office, not the main lobby where TCF officers are posted,” he said.

Deputy Commissioner Leiseau Laumoli told Samoa News that he was not aware of any alleged open shooting outside the TCF by the Warden.


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