Dear Editor,

What good is a government when their people are mislead and confused? Just like a flock of sheep gone astray, it's an issue that I feel very vulnerable about it. A good leader is the one who leads his or her people into good success. A Smart Leader is the one who brings great success into his or her people. Not some broken promises that are only spoken of, but without signs and developments of their leadership.

I don't want to live in the past. The message might be hard to digest by those who are in the leading position, but from weaknesses and failures comes great measures of wealth and fruitfulness of coordination and successful in a government and its people . Not tyranny to gain power over success, but triumph to gain peace and prosperity in making things right. Like a good Captain who coordinates his crew to smooth sailing through a stormy sea, is just as same as a Shepherd who watches his sheep from going astray and from danger.

Tala Galo Faasavalu Jr
San Francisco, CA.


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