Samoa A squad for PRC named

Scenes from the trials for selection into the representative Samoa A side. [Samoa Observer]

The Samoa A rugby team was named yesterday for the two remaining Pacific Rugby Cup (PRC) matches next month.

Samoa A head coach Muliagatele Brian Lima named a final squad of 42 players after a 54 strong trial squad took to the field in hopes to be selected in the Samoa A.

After finals trials at Apia yesterday Samoa A head coach Muliagatele Brian Lima has just one goal in mind, to win.

“Preparations will begin on Monday, we have three weeks before the last two games and it has been very challenging putting together this team.”

“There are still many things we need to work on, strengths and weaknesses as well as trying to pull together a squad of players from all different backgrounds and playing styles.”

Muliaga said that aside from winning the last two games he is focused on getting through these last two games and then putting together an elite squad made up of the best talent Samoa has available.

“We are not just looking short term, there will be another big tournament next year and we have to start preparing well, we have to develop our players and get them ready.”


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