Hawkeye: A world in turmoil

“We have met the enemy, and he is us!”

“Heaven is beneath our feet as well as over our heads.”

Over one little ole Video on you tube, and an entire world has erupted in turmoil! This, in Hawkeyes opinion is caused by a lack of something better to do. When everyone has a job they are supposed to be at work instead of rioting against the Country that is holding their hands! Talk about looking a gift Camel in the mouth! Over.

Hawkeye just received his most coveted copy of the book by Ex Navy Seal, Mark Owen. While this is not his real name, he for obvious reasons has decided not to come out of the closet under his real name. It looks as though the Military Brass are more than a little pissed at Mark for telling what he perceives to be the truth. He should know, as he was there in the middle of all the fun when they took out Ben what’s his name. [Laden] That used to be the same Mrs. Laden’s Son, who used to wear his eight day S%#@ters while he was feeding the Goat population for the family slaughter. As best as we can tell from the reports, he is now fish food at the bottom or Mary’s Trench, in the middle of the Sahara Desert! At any rate, he is gone from the face of the earth as we know it, and will not likely be playing anymore deadly games with American Lives!

Now our own People want to castrate the author of the book: “No Easy Day” just to please some super politicians, who do not like the truth to be told. …. Hawkeye has not started to read this sure to be masterpiece yet, but he will be reading it from the smallest room in his abode, which is where Hawkeye does most of his heavy Thinking, as well as his heavy reading! Hawk will thereby keep his readers “A-Breast” of what is happening in this book that has so many Politicians ready to commit Hari-Kari!

Hawkeye has now started to read this wonderful masterpiece, and it is proving to be a real page turner.  Speaking of Harry, and Kari, the natives of Afghanistan wish to take out poor Prince Harry of the Philippines. This flat sucks fans. The Little Prince has a big ole toy that he is more than proficient at playing with. [Not That One] He reserves that one for hotel rooms in Lost Wages! Hawkeye is speaking of his Apache Helicopter with all the fun things like Rokeke [Rocket] launchers, Gatlin Guns, and water cannons! Should they succeed in pissing off the “Boy Prince”, he might just show em where the bear “S#*ts in da “Buckwheat!} You go Harry. Harry is most likely proud of his Brother & Sister-in-law, with all the publicity they garnered recently by doing a “Bit of Nude Sun Bathing!” Hawkeye thinks those Photo Hogs should be “Keel Hauled” then made to drink French Wine until they “PUKE!” People, no matter whom they happen to be, have a right to their Privacy! And all of Gods Chilin said;”Why Praise de Lawd!” 

Hawkeye does wish Prince Viliamo and Princess Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge all the good tidings they can muster.. Over. These are just a couple of normal Homo-sapiens making an attempt at a private vacation on the French Countryside!

There has been much spewing over the general conditions of the Hooterville Roads of late. If one were to go back a couple of decades, there they would find the same pothole news as we hear and see today! Hawkeye has said it once, if he has said it a zillion times that the way to solve the pothole problem is to bite the bullet and rebuild our roads with “CONCRETE.” There might be a crack of two, but we would not be running in to Potholes! The Concrete Roads would be more of a hassle for the motorists while the Concrete is curing, but the inconvenience will pay off in the long run. This is Hawkeyes opinion, and as we have all heard, everyone has an opinion. Humm. Hawkeye often wakes up in the morning and asks himself: “Now what would Winston Churchill do in a case like this.. The answer is usually; “Who gives a s#%t what Winston Churchill would do… For those who do not know who Winston Churchill is/was, he was the father of Margaret Thatcher of merry old England! They sailed as paying guests on the Mayflower! This was when he was invited to Mount Vernon to visit Siosi {[George] and Martha Usingtone. [Washington] The kicker was that after that two month long voyage from Alaska, around the Cape of Good Hope, they had to swim across the Delaware River with all the Colonist throwing Silver Dollars at em!  Talk about beating the odds. This, of course only exists in the fairy tales of the White House.

Sweet Leanor and Hawkeye have been cruising the Freeways of Wonderland looking for Campaign Barbeques. Are there any out there that is serving up “Cornbread & Chitlins’?”

Until next week,

Love & Hugs From

Hawkeye & Sweet Leanor.


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