No cash power for Prime Minister Tuilaepa

CASH POWER INSTALLATION: The EPC project plans to have all households changed over to cash power by the year 2016. [Samoa Observer]

Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi is still using induction meters at his compound at Ululoloa despite calls from him to abandon the old system and switch to cash power.

This was confirmed by Acting General Manager of the Electric Power Corporation Taule’ale’ausumai Funefeai Malolo Aumalaga Tiotio yesterday.

In an interview with the Samoa Observer Taule’ale’ausumai agreed that not all the houses at the Prime Minister’s compound are on cash power.

“There are a lot of houses at his residence (at Ululoloa) and some of them are still on induction meters,” he said.

“I cannot confirm how many houses are on the reading meter.”

The Acting GM was asked after a letter to the editor raised concerns about Tuilaepa not leading by example by being on a cash power meter.

Written by True Citizen of Maagiagi, the author was disappointed that “the Prime Minister is still on induction meter while the country and its citizens were asked to switch to cash power meters,” it stated.

It also alleged that Tuilaepa “is also blessed by receiving monthly free electricity units under “Electricity Subsidy”.” (Turn to page 14 to read the full letter)

It was not possible to get a comment from Tuilaepa as he has left the country yesterday.

When asked why all the Prime Minister’s houses weren’t fully on cash power Taule’ale’ausumai said he was unsure.

He said there are issues in installing cash power with other families.


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