Fagaitua looking to bounce back to last season’s level of championship play

Superman Alo’ese Su’a, pacing his way through the Crusaders defensive unit recoding numerous yardage for the Vikings in their win against Marist last Saturday with a 43 - 17 victory. [photo: TG]

Despite their only loss on the record against Tafuna earlier in the season, the Vikings are looking to bounce back and are beginning to look like the unstoppable team they were last year.

Still under the management of Head Coach Sua’ese Pooch Ta’ase, Fagaitua is slowly coming back to life, after its redeeming come back against the Lions and the Crusaders, in last Saturday’s games — they are looking to play the Stallions next on their journey to preparing for their second match up against the still undefeated Tafuna High School — the Warriors.

Last Saturday, however, Fagaitua did not have a easy time of it despite their 43 - 17 blowout victory against the Marist Crusaders. It’s the first time in a long time that Marist has managed to score against Fagaitua with a high percentage of points, as the usual outcome is scoreless.

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Samoa News apologizes to its readers, as we do not have play coverage for the Junior Varsity Division, due to technical difficulties.

The final of the JV Saturday Game was Fagaitua 39 - Marist 12.


Varsity Division


Marist was steaming hot early in the first quarter, threatening the Vikings with continuous red zone conversions, with Fagaitua’s offense having trouble trying to get things going from their own 10-yard line, and kept fumbling the ball to the advantage of the Crusaders offense.

But all three drives of the Crusaders inside Fagaitua’s red zone were all denied under the leadership of linebacker “Iron Man” Howard Tautu, forcing Marist to a field goal conversion by Joe Mano from the Vikings 12-yard line that had the Crusaders on the scoreboard early in the game, with a three point lead.

In the second quarter, Tafu Ula with a long reception early in the quarter, spotted Fagaitua’s first down possession on the Crusaders 21-yard line, where Lomitusi Ta’ala faked the hand off to Alo’ese Su’a and lobbed a quick pass up the middle to Mola Tagaloa for the Vikings to finally get things going, 7- 3.

Later on in the quarter, the same hitch play between Ta’ala connecting with Tagaloa again sent six more points onto the Vikings side of the scoreboard with their two point conversion in the hands of Alo’ese Su’a, had the Vikings on top 14 - 3.

4:21 remaining in the first half, the Crusaders failed to hold onto the ball, with the turnover in favor of Fagaitua on the Crusaders 4-yard line. The Vikings send Eti “Small Man” Fealofa’i up the middle for his first touchdown of the game which spotted Fagaitua with a 22 - 3 lead.

Right when the quarter was coming to a close, with just 1:14 remaining in the first half of the game, Fagaitua found another scoring opportunity, threatening the Crusaders from Marist’s 10-yard line, with Ta’ala firing a precise pass out to Johnny Sione who caught that pass inside the end zone which closed off the first half of the game after the good two point conversion by “Small Man” Eti, that had Fagaitua on a 30 - 3 lead by halftime.

Starting off the second half of the game was the Crusaders sophomore starting quarterback, Iki Tuileta who maintained his offensive unit at Fagaitua’s 10-yard line, and kept the ball up the middle himself on a third down red zone conversion that recorded Marist’s first touchdown of the game along with their field goal conversion by Mano, bringing the Crusaders back to trail the Vikings 30 - 10.

With just 3:23 remaining in the 3rd quarter, Fagaitua’s “Small Man” Eti again with a threatening run from the Crusaders 13-yard line, goes into the end zone for his second touchdown of the game, sending Fagaitua on a 37 - 10 lead.

Suddenly, just when Fagaitua thought the Crusaders were giving up, Marist said “not yet”, with a third down conversion on the Vikings 34-yard line, and Tuileta sent Uluao Letuli up the middle with the counter hand off, and it was all Uluao juking 101 that sent him to the end zone for his first touchdown of the game, bringing some life back to the Crusaders with a 37 - 17 lead.Late in the fourth quarter, and Fagaitua thought it was time to close off the game. 23 seconds remaining in the ball game, with Marist in possession of the ball from their own 45-yard line, and Tuileta stretches out for a deep pass, but was disappointed to see Vincent Simanu of the Vikings intercept his pass, with Simanu bringing that pass all the way back for Fagaitua’s last touchdown of the game, setting up the East Side with their 43 - 17 victory.


Samoa News picked Lomitusi Ta’ala as the Player of the Game after recording 8 out of 10 completed passes per series, 3 touchdown passes, and averaged 70 plus yard on passing receptions.


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