Judy Mulitalo, local winner of the BPW International Leadership Tuition Scholarship [courtesy photo]

Business and Professional Women International (BPWI) recently held a Leadership course in Bangkok, Thailand and one of the young women chosen to attend the event represented the territory of American Samoa.

“The Passion, Purpose and Potency” course planners selected Taumuli Judy Mulitalo of BPW Pago Pago from among seven Asia/Pacific finalists as the winner of the Leadership Tuition Scholarship.

In a recent press release, the 31-year old winner, who hails from the village of Petesa-Tai, Tafuna, cited the Global Leadership Practice of Australia and The Grubb Institute in London, UK, as the forces combining resources to host the leadership event, whose official name was “Passion, Purpose and Potency- Releasing Untapped Resources in People and Organizations.”

The award was for attendance at the conference, which cost $3,000.

“Judy's essay stood out amongst the seven we received,” said Angela McLeod, BPW International Public Relations Manager and a member of the judging panel.

As a young BPW member who has been an active member of BPW Pago Pago for five years, Judy was eligible to attend and enthusiastic about participating.

Currently, she serves on the local board as the BPW Pago Pago Secretary, after previously serving as a Board Member at large for two years. She is also chair person for all the Young BPW events in American Samoa.

“We are looking forward to hearing from Judy about the event and watching her professional development,” said Mrs. McLeod in a prepared statement.

In a letter to the BPWI, Judy noted, that, if chosen for the scholarship, she would “absorb all she could for the duration of the training, submit a report back to BPW International, and share what she has learned with her local organization.” She will fulfill a part of that promise this evening, when she speaks at a BPW sponsored event in Tafuna.

Ms. Mulitalo said she was both “excited and honored” to be chosen for the prestigious spot in the convention, which brought individuals from around the world together for the purpose of learning how to unlock the leadership potential within themselves, as well as the organizations which they lead.

“Strong leadership is essential, because it navigates the direction of any organization” she wrote, adding that “especially in the Pacific, we need to have a clear vision and strong skills to address the complex challenges …and be mindful of the importance of preserving the values that bind people and communities.”

A graduate of Tafuna High School and ASCC with an Associate degree in Accounting, Judy currently works for May and Associates, Certified Public Accounting Services. She plans to be a CPA herself, and told Samoa News, “We need to look into ourselves and discover what we are passionate about so we can work with purpose.”

According to Mulitalo, areas explored during the Bangkok conference included:

*            Working with purpose and how critical this can be in ensuring taking up your role and team success

*            Understanding role connectivity and how the interconnections influence the outcome

*            Understanding the formal and informal roles that people take in teams and/or projects  and how useful these are or not toward the purpose

*            Understanding how the context and organizational way of working can greatly influence how people undertake their roles and therefore their success in achieving outcomes.

For all those who would like to learn more about leadership training, and come together with like minded women for this purpose, Judy will be giving a presentation on her training and  experiences while she was in Bangkok.

The event happens this evening (Thursday, Sept. 20).

The meeting will be held at the Haleck Building in Tafuna, Suite #204 at 5:30 p.m. tonight. (Attorney Roy Hall conference room)

Admission is free and open to the public.

As she was also supported in her journey with financial assistance from BPW of Pago Pago and May & Associates, Judy told Samoa News that it was her desire to return from the conference “with a broad and international understanding of the challenges and approaches to effective leadership” which could be shared with others.

Judy will also be a speaker at the BPW Leadership Conference “Voices of Pacific Women” to be held at the Lee Auditorium October 24 through Oct. 26, 2012.  Conference information is available at bpw-pagopago.com.  For more information on either event, please contact Judy at 699-5489, or look for the ad outlining the October conference in Samoa News.

BPW Pago Pago president Anne Wellborn noted that it is an organization which has at its core a belief that empowering women in a society lifts that society up, and leadership training is an invaluable link in the professional development for women of all ages.

“We’re very proud of Judy and know that her voice will be a strong one in years to come.” she said.

President Wellborn extends an invitation to all women to come out this evening, as well as during the October leadership conference, where women from throughout the region will be in attendance.


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