Warriors officially No.1 seed in ASHSAA Football League

FUMBLE!!! Vena Umu dropping a carry, and trying to recover it during their dominating win over the Sharks last week Friday, in a 36 - 6 blow out — that put THS at the top of the heap with an undefeated record in this year’s ASHSAA football league — so far. [photo: TG]

The American Samoa High School Athletic Association has just released their latest standings in the ongoing Football League and on top of that list are the Warriors who are now the number one ranked team in the Varsity Division, pulling with them an undefeated record, after punishing the Sharks in a heavy 36 – 6 victory, that saw Samoana’s first loss.

The Junior Varsity Division at the moment clearly belongs to the Lions, with Leone on top and still undefeated under the reign of their new Head Coach Arona Samoa.

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Leone 48 - Kanana Fou 0

Varsity Division

Danny Falanai connected with Schroeder on a 25-yard passing play to send Leone on their leading drive of the game, with a minute remaining on the clock in the first quarter of the game. Their field goal conversion was good by kicker Petaia Ricky Tanielu to seal the Lions on top of the Stallions with a seven point lead to close the first quarter of the game.

11:39 into the second quarter of the game, and the Lions struck again from their own 39- yard line with a pitch play going out to Rhys Fa’amausili this time, who dodged the saving tackle, and booked it to the end zone for his first touchdown of the game that had the Lions on top by fifteen points after a good two point conversion by Rudy Steffany.

Not too long after that, Kanana Fou on their fourth down conversion and pinned deep in their territory, saw the Stallions punting snap going over the head of the punter and into the end zone, where it was immediately recovered by Zephanaia Pritchard of the Lions for Leone’s third touchdown of the game, which had Leone leading by 22 points after a good field goal conversion by Tanielu.

4:19 still in the second quarter, and Steffany punches in another Lions touchdown, followed by another fumble recovery by Pritchard again in the end zone to record Leone’s fifth touchdown of the game and Pritchard’s second fumble recovery in the second quarter, spotting Leone with a 35 - 0 lead.

Then, opening up the third quarter, was Kanana Fou who sent the opening kick off to the Lions which received by Elama Lefiti, who had trouble trying to recover it, but when Lefiti was able to pick the ball off the ground, he was already bombarded by Stallion defenders, but he still managed to avoid tackles, returning the kick all the way back for a 87-yard touchdown to open up the second half of the game, extending their lead to 42 - 0.

Then, just when the Stallions thought the Lions were tired of scoring, they thought wrong when Kanana Fou sent off a fourth down situation punt, received by Filiga, who took that punt all the way to the house to record a 58-yard punt return for Leone’s last touchdown of the game, closing off the match with a 48 - 0 dominating victory.


We choose the Outside Linebacker out of Leone, who recorded 2 sacks, 5 solo tackles, 12 assists, and 2 fumble recovery for touchdowns to lead the Lions to their 48 - 0 victory over Kanana Fou last week Thursday.


Tafuna 26 - Samoana 0

Junior Varsity Division

Cornelius Maiava marched into the end zone for Tafuna’s first touchdown of the game with  a 2-yard reception, after Logan Tago was tackled in the back field on a punting situation for the Sharks. The two point conversion was no good when Frank Mauigoa and his offense came in to start their first possession of the game with just 2 yards to score and Maiava was sent up the middle again for their two point conversion, but Shark Brandon Mauga said “no thank you” when Maiava was tackled in the back field immediately by Mauga who came in on the blitz.

Not too long after that, Mauigoa who had the hot shoulder last Friday evening, started to fire out some strong passes out to his receivers, leading up to his touchdown connection with Garret Seumalo on a third down situation from Samoana’s 23-yard line, and Seumalo with the sticky fingers sent Tafuna on a 12 - 0 lead after Maiava was again denied from the end zone for their two point conversion.

Maiava muscled his way into the end zone for his second touchdown of the game with just 22 seconds remaining in the third quarter, spotting Tafuna with the 20 point lead after Mauigoa entered the end zone for their two point conversion.

4:48 remaining in the ball game, and Tafuna decides to strike again when Samoana was trying to come back. The Sharks holding off the Warriors to a fourth down situation of Tafuna on Samoana’s 13-yard line, which Samoana was determined to stop, but were disappointed when they saw Seumalo not find an open receiver, and kept the ball to the end zone for his second touchdown of the game, which sealed off the Warriors win with a 26 - 0 victory.


Our choice is the freshmen quarterback for the Warriors, who is an experienced QB moving up to high school level after playing in the AYFS League, as the starting quarterback for the Chiefs. Now at the top of his game and only a freshmen, Mauigoa recorded 60 plus yards on his ground game, 1 two point conversion, 1 touchdown pass, and 7 out of 10 completed passes per series.

Varsity Division

Tafuna 36 - Samoana 6

This match up was the main event of the weekend and was determined to be one of the toughest match up of the season, when the two undefeated teams met for the first time this season. But tough wasn’t what Tafuna saw after sending Vena Umu up the middle for their first touchdown of the game with a 3-yard reception with just 3:05 remaining in the first quarter of the game, to find their six point lead.

Samoana started to pick up their slacks in the second quarter, but failed again late in the quarter with just 1:55 remaining in the half, and AJ Filoiali’i, who took turns with Fereti at quarterback, sent the Warriors all way down field, deep in Samoana territory, where Samoana thought Umu was going to ram his way up the middle, but instead saw Daniel Fereti going the opposite direction to score his first touchdown of the game with a 1 yard possession. Their two point conversion saw Fereti again up the middle to spot the Warriors on top by 14 points.

Then, just after Tafuna scored, Ryan Pa’aga sent of the onside kick off to the Sharks, and then recovered his own kick to bring the Warriors offensive unit back on the field. Having possession and marching their way to spot their first down possession on the Sharks 40-yard line, quarterback AJ Filoiali’i jukes his way through the middle of the field with a quarterback keep that went all the way down for his first touchdown of the game. Filoiali’i again on the two point conversion had the Warriors on top by 22 points to close off the first half of the game.

Tafuna on their first possession of the second half saw Fereti connecting with Umu for a 70-yard touchdown reception. Their two point conversion in the hands of Filoiali’i again was good enough to spot Tafuna on top by 30 points which activated the Mercy Rule for the rest of the game, with the clock ticking down non stop.

Suddenly, when the Sharks felt they needed some points on the board, they brought in one of the Amerika Samoa All Star players, Ieti Manu who plays defensive end, but in this play was a running back for the Sharks. And indeed Manu gained numerous yards, leading up to Samoana’s first down possession on the Warriors 3-yard line, where Sataua gave the inside hand off to Manu again who muscled his way into the end zone and scored Samoana’s first touchdown of the game.

Right after Samoana’s first touchdown, Kaleopa of the Sharks sent a deep kick off to the Warriors which was received by Pa’aga, who brought the kick all the way back for a 98-yard touchdown return. In this play, Ryan was just too fast, as he scored his first touchdown of the game, sending the Warriors on a 36 - 6 lead, sealing their victory and keeping their ‘undefeated’ title in this year’s Varsity season to date.


Chosen is the Junior back up quarterback for Tafuna recorded 1 touchdown, 2 two point conversion, 70 plus rushing yards per quarterback keep, 5 out of 10 completed passes, and a hand off for TD.


No.1 - THS

No .2 - SHS

No. 3 - FHS

No. 4 - LHS

No. 5 - NVT, FMS

No. 6 -

No. 7 - KFO


No.1 - LHS

No. 2 - THS

No. 3 - FHS

No. 4 - SHS

No. 5 - FMS


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