Kiribati fisherman found adrift after 106 days in Pacific

A Kiribati fisherman who drifted in the central Pacific for nearly four months has been found alive and asking for cigarettes.

A Marshall Islands fishing vessel has radioed a message saying it found Toakai Teitoi in waters north-east of Nauru.

The message from the Marshalls 203 boast says a a friend who had sailed with Mr. Teitoi from Maiana Atoll in Kiribati, on May 28, had died.

Fisheries observer Ali Ezekiah say Mr Teitoi was found on his 15-metre boat on September 11.

“When the crew brought him on to the fishing boat and asked him what he wanted, the first thing he said was ‘smoke’,” he said.

Mr. Teitoi told the crew of the Marshalls 203 his boat had suffered engine trouble and he had survived by eating fish and drinking rainwater.

His friend had died on July 4, he said.


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