ASHSAA Volleyball Boys Update: Warriors continue to dominate

The Samoana High School Boys Varsity Volleyball team in this year’s American Samoa High School Athletic Association 2012- 13 boys volleyball season. [photo: Jeff Hayner]

In the latest news from the American Samoa High School Athletic Association (ASHSAA) Boys Volleyball league, the Tafuna Warriors continue to dominate the Varsity Division, while last season’s champions, the Nu’uuli Voc-Tech Wildcats continue to struggle this year winning only three matches out of the six they have played.

The Leone Lions who started out of the gate with a quick start have faltered since, but are still managing to hang on to a possible playoff spot along with the Faga’itua Vikings who are barely hanging in there. The Samoana Sharks and Kanana Fou Stallions lights at the end of the tunnel have been slowly dimming since the beginning of the season as both of these teams got off to a bad start and it has been that way since.

In the Junior Varsity Division, the Warriors and Sharks are on top with the Lions just right behind them. Last season’s champions the Vikings are not playing to championship par this season, but still have enough time left in the season to make a come back and possibly defend their title. The Stallions who are right there in the same boat as the Vikings, also have a chance if they start making their move right now with just enough time left in the season. The Wildcats season ended before it began, as they have not won a game so far this year and it appears at this time they will go winless this season.

Tomorrow’s games will have the Wildcats traveling to Faga’itua to take on the Vikings, while the Stallions take on the Warriors at Tafuna High School.

On Friday September 21, the Sharks will be playing the Lions at Leone High School, as the Wildcats will be going against the Stallions at Kanana Fou High School.

All games have a scheduled starting time of 4:30 p.m. with the Junior Varsity taking the floor first with the Varsity immediately following.

The coordinator for the ASHSAA Boys Varsity Volleyball Tumua Matu’u would like to invite the public out to the games in support of ASHSAA sports.

Here is the record of each team not counting yesterday’s games between the Lions and the Vikings and the Sharks and the Stallions.

TEAM     W      L


Tafuna Warriors      6       0

Faga’itua Vikings   3       2

Nu’uuli Wildcats     3       3

Leone Lions   3       2

Samoana Sharks   1       4

Kanana Fou Stallions     0       5


TEAM     W      L

Junior Varsity

Tafuna Warriors      5       1

Samoana Sharks   4       1

Leone Lions   3       2

Faga’itua Vikings   2       3

Kanana Fou Stallions     2       3

Nu’uuli Wildcats     0       6


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