Is Samoa's solar project stalled?

IN THE BEGINNING: Michael Matvieshen Executive Chairman of Sunlogics Power Fund Inc and Deputy Prime Minister, Fonotoe Pierre lauofo at the launch in June. [Samoa Observer]

The Member of Parliament for Gagaemauga No.2 wants an update of the $50m Solar Project launched at Faleolo in June this year.

At the time, Samoa was claiming to be the first Pacific country to go solar in an attempt to keep electricity costs down.

However in the meantime, Tonga whose project was fully funded by the New Zealand and Japanese governments, started generating electricity on 1 July from its1.3MW solar plant at Tongatapu.

“On 1 August, the Tonga government officially declared a drop in electricity costs for its people, Levao polo said.

It only took few months for the Tonga government to get it up and running, he added.

The project in Samoa is a partnership between Sunlogics Power and Daystar’s Eco Energy Solutions (Australia) Pty Limited together with Solar Samoa Limited their local partners and the Electric Power Corporation (EPC).

Levaopolo Talatonu said that he has discovered that work has ground to a halt over the issue of non-payment to local contractors.

“The excavators which were being used for this multi-million solar project have now been idle for seven weeks,” Levaopolo said.


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