Dear Editor,

While currents may seem calm on the surface level, the bottom is mobilizing and moving faster as it flows outward towards the sea. Yet, new waves are coming in faster and crushing through the breaker lines to the shore.

It’s an example of what's happening right now in our island. Our traditional ways of life, the customs and culture is slowly but fast fading away. It's a shame to see it with my own eyes how the existence of this " Americanized" culture affects our people continually. It's a disgrace on how many of our kids don't recognize or understand the language, culture, and the history of our people.

What happen? Up here in the states, I've seen Teenagers and adults totally synchronized into the lifestyle of living in the " American Dream." You talk to them in our language and they don't understand. It's a huge exclamation point with a big question mark on the side if you ask me.

Hold on to our culture and keep it safe.

Tala Galo Faasavalu Jr

San Francisco, CA. 94124

Editor’s Note: While I agree that it’s a shame our mother language is not spoken by many Samoan youth who are born and/ or live in the US, ‘holding on to our culture’ is perhaps more detrimental to our culture, which has a built-in survival mechanism — the ability to embrace the ‘foreign’ and make it our own — “fa’a Samoa”. Otherwise, our culture becomes stagnant and loses its vitality as a living or natural extension of ourselves, our identity — Samoan. ra


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