On the Campaign Trail 2012

News from Faoa-Taufete'e and Jones-Tuika teams
A Tongan community youth group performs at Saturday's event. [photo: FS]


by Fili Sagapolutele

One of the Tongan community youth groups which were among the performers at the Utulei Beach for a Youth Rally on Saturday, Sept. 15 sponsored by the Youth Committee for the campaign to elect Lt. Gov. Faoa Aitofele Sunia as governor and Taufete’e John Faumuina as lieutenant governor in the 2012 general election.

In his address, Faoa said the Youth Rally program Saturday is different then previous ones, and this time around the Youth Committee for “Faoa and Taufete’e” opted to focus attention on other ethnic community youth in the territory such as  Tongans, Filipinos, Fijians and Koreans.

He said the Youth Committee in the past had been focusing mainly on Samoan church and village youth organizations and groups of Samoan ancestry. He told the youth committee  it was time to focus on our other neighbors, who are brothers and sisters, from other ethnic groups — as they have lived and worked in American Samoa and have made the territory their home.

“The Youth Committee for Faoa and Taufete’e wanted to designate this Youth Rally, to invited our brothers and sisters of our ethnic communities [in the territory] to come and join with us of Samoan ancestry,” he said.

“The hope is that, we come together, and become friends, get to know each another and share our views, share our cultures. We feel that by doing so, it would make moving forward in the future a lot easier for you young people and it would lessen the possibility of any misunderstanding, or troubles that may occur because of not understanding the other's  background and culture,” he said.

The Filipino Youth group was also invited to participate and perform but were unable to do so, due to other commitments for the day, according to a campaign committee representative.

In his Samoan speech, Faoa said he and Taufete’e believe that this bond between Samoan youth and youths from other ethnic groups will will pave the way for a better and brighter future for the community.

He says members of other ethnic groups and their children are not part of a different community but instead they are all considered sons and daughters of American Samoa.

He also said that the team “Faoa and Taufete’e” has publicly stated several times their platforms and ideas as candidates and their reasons for seeking the top elected post in the government. Therefore, he decided not to elaborate further on the issues but give the chance to all youth in the territory to get together and enjoy the fun filled day at “Suigaula o le Atuvasa” beach. 

A three member group, who are all blind young men, called the LUSITI Production of Samoa, delighted the crowd with their comical music numbers. Several times, the crowd cheered accompanied with loud applause.


by UN.org

Tim Jones wants to make a difference. His company Extreme Power Samoa has been spending valuable time researching and experimenting on using coconut oil as a reliable fuel source in the Pacific region. Most Pacific small island economies are heavily dependant on imports of vital good, including diesel fuel.

Tim’s company for instance, spends close to US$10 million a year in diesel cost. However with the progress on expanding use of coconut oil as fuel this dependency will soon decrease. He hopes the local economy will be simultaneously stimulated through the demand for the natural processing of coconut oil harvesting. 

The advantages of using coconut oil as fuel are many. Without carbon monoxide emissions coconut oil pollutes little. Coconut oil also decrease costly engine repairs due to a 20 per cent higher lubricity than regular diesel. Research shows coconut oil may also yield 10 percent higher burning efficiency than diesel due to high content of oxygen molecules saturated in the oil.

Most promising is the discovery that a standard diesel engine can successfully use both coconut and diesel oil. That makes a duel fuel system possible; one that can switch back and forth from diesel to coconut oil depending on availability and protects against low stocks.


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