New books from Albert Wendt

Maualaivao Professor Albert Wendt. [Samoa Observer]

Albert Wendt, one of the South Pacific’s best known authors, launched two new books on Thursday last week at Auckland University.

Ancestry, the first book is a compilation of fourteen short stories. While the second, From Manoa to Ponsonby Garden is a collection of poems about his time in Manoa, Hawaii and the family’s garden in Ponsonby, Auckland.

The launch took place at the university’s Samoan Fale and was opened by three of Professor Wendt’s protégés, Dr Selena Tusitala Marsh, Ms Karlo Mila and Ms Serie Barford, who each read selected poetry.

All three ladies, award winning poets and academics in their own right, revelled in the opportunity to acknowledge their mentor and teacher’s contribution to their careers and lives.

Said Dr Marsh, “Like Karlo, I too am a student of Albert. Had he not been teaching Pacific Literature in Auckland University for the last twenty plus years, I would not have come to a class.”

She then read a poem called ‘Pacific Literature’, which draws from one of her experiences as a Pacific Literature lecturer conducting one of her classes at Auckland University.a


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