Lady Samoa III drydocked at the Ronald Reagan Shipyard. [photo: Jeff Hayner]

The ferry boat, Lady Samoa III from Samoa went on dry dock at the Ronald Reagan Shipyard Friday. The vessel is used between the islands Upolu and Savai’i in Samoa transporting people and materials between both of the islands.

Chairman of the Shipyard Services Authority Carlos Sanchez said repairs should take 4-5 days.

“There is a shipyard over in Samoa, but they do not have the equipment that we have here at this shipyard and we are better prepared to make repairs to this boat,” said Sanchez.

“This boat is special because it is only a three-year old boat and it is a honor for us to be chosen to repair the boat,” he said.

Sanchez explained “there is not much work we have to do to it… We just have to clean up the bottom, do sandblasting work and then paint it along with some other smaller things. It should only take 4-5 days.”

He went on to say that if the repairs were done in Samoa, it would take 15-20 days for completion, because they are not yet prepared with the proper equipment to take on such a task.

According to Sanchez, after the completion of the work on the Lady Samoa III, they have three longliners lined up for repair work, then they will be working on government boats that need repair.

The purse seiner, the Koorale, has just completed its dry dock work at the shipyard also, which is in line with the authority’s ship repair work it says is scheduled throughout this year and 2013 on the bigger fishing vessels that is the key to their forecast of a surplus, i.e. profit.


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