Hawkeye: Remembering

“Patience makes all hardships light”

“Our true nationality is actually mankind.”

Good morning to all fine friends and loyal readers of Hawkeye.

My, my, but it is a fine Saturday morning in Hooterville.

Hawkeye, at the insistence of Sweet Leanor was interested in the Korean Channel #51 finally after all this time. There were two SOAP Operas, one was called: “Woman in the Sun,” while the other one was called: “Bridal Mask.”

Woman in the Sun was about a Woman in the Sun. The other was about a loser who wore a bridal Mask. Then the Soaps ended. Then there was a lack of Channel 51 for a couple of days, and Hawkeye was thinking that perhaps the Korean Channel 51 went south for the winter like the Fox News Channel. But Leanor assured Hawkeye that this wasn’t at all the case, and Hawkeye would just have to sweat it out over the absence of the Fox News Channel instead of both...

Now if we could just get the FNC Back up and running, there would certainly be happier Homo-sapiens running around Wonderland. Hawkeye sits around the dwelling, picking his nose in the evenings while he misses his FNC! Too bad that this is the only game in town; however this might not be the case in a couple of more years. Perhaps we could all have a gigantic Séance and in doing so could will in another Airline along with another Cable Provider, one that doesn’t mind airing the FNC! Over… With any amount of luck, the old “We are the only game in town” attitude will dry up and blow away with the wind!

Now:  Hawkeye shares the Grief over the untimely passing of Petero Lafiele formerly of the ASPA Family. Petero was a person who was not afraid to tackle undesirable tasks and meet them “head on.” Petero was saddled with the difficult task of organizing, and following through with the successful removal of the gigantic Scrap Metal Heap at Tafuna. This was not only a difficult task, but also came with a difficult time frame for its completion. Petro organized his troopers, and initiated the successful attack, and seen it through to completion. Being the manager of the Solid Waste Division, he did not stop there. He organized the right people, and got the Scrap Metal Baler operational. In doing so, he attacked another mountain of scrap right in the ASPA compound at Tafuna. He initiated an Island wide initiative to have Scrap Metal removed by its owners to the Tafuna Yard instead of its being strewn along the roads such as next to the Golf course. There was an initiative implemented that would entice people to bring in their Scrap Metal. They in turn would receive vouchers for various foods which come in handy for needy families. Petero will be sorely missed amongst the ranks of all who knew him.

His demeanor along with his super personality will long be remembered by all who knew him. [From Hawkeye]

And we finish recalling the ugly act of terrorism that brought down the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in NYC.  This destroyed the lives of nearly 3,000 of our citizens, and along with it, destroyed the lives of many more that happened to have friends and loved ones in the Towers at the time of that idiotic attack on humanity!

Now Hawkeye reads where we have lost four more American lives in Libya at the US Embassy? This coming on the date that our nation was mourning the 09’11 attacks?

This could be an indicator for us to bring our people home and defend the Shores of the USA From the shores of the USA instead of worrying what is happening in the rest of the world. This is a further indicator that we will never be in a position to be allowed the luxury of letting our guards down. The attack on our US Embassy is an attack on the USA, and should be treated as such, however: “We Apoligized?” And the beat goes on!

Hawkeye's old dead redneck daddy would definitely roll over and kick the slats out of his Pine Box should he ever be made aware of the things that are going on in the world today. The first thing he would ask is what is Libya? Is that a town in West Virginia?

Then he would ask why we are sending just 50 American Marines in there to keep the peace! “Now that ain’t right!” Hawkeye knows one thing for sure; Those Marines are leaving a better place in Rota Spain, than they are headed! Hawkeye would trade the entire Middle East for just a small corner of Spain. [Nice Place]

Anyway, Hawkeye and Leanor do not allow themselves to dwell on such things as what is happening in the rest of the world. After all, they are living in the best place on earth, with the best people on earth! How does it get better than that?

There is one thing for sure fans; when we are having problems in the rest of the world, we are not worrying over Global Warming, or who shot John!

Until Next week,

Love, from Hawk & Leanor


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