Samoa Police charge an MP and 17 villagers after road block

An MP in Samoa, Toesulusulu Cedric Schuster, has been charged following a police investigation into last month’s decision by the Satapuala village council to block part of a public road near Faleolo International airport.

Toesulusulu is the member of parliament for A’ana Alofi number three constituency and one of the matais of Satapuala village.

The charges include threatening police, swearing at a police officer and participation in an unlawful gathering.

Toesulusulu says he is denying the charges and will prove his innocence in court.

If convicted on the three charges the MP could be jailed for up to three months.

17 other people from Satapuala, including several matais, have been charged with similar offences.

All are due to make their first court appearance on October the 9th.


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