Tsunami evacuation sign in Atu’u vandalized

TAFUNA, American Samoa — The American Samoa Department of Homeland Security on Sunday, August 26th, 2012 sighted and reported a tsunami evacuation route sign vandalized in the village of Atu’u. The sign was uprooted, pushed over the shoulder and into the water off the east bound highway below the old Marist Elementary School.

“This is very disappointing and disturbing as this is the second time of government properties placed strategically throughout the territory for the purposes of alerting the people and saving lives have been destroyed,” stated ASDHS director Michael R. Sala. “The tsunami warning sign project was coordinated carefully in collaboration with the Office of Samoan Affairs in order to ensure the support of the community at the village level. It is in this spirit of cooperation that we appeal to the mayors, village councils and the aumaga as partners to safeguard these emergency tools such as the evacuation signs and sirens,” Sala continued.

The ASDHS management kindly asks the help of the community by reporting any incident of vandalism or destruction of these critical equipment to the Department of Public Safety at 633-1111 or the TEMCO/Emergency Operation Center at 699-3800.

We thank the public for your cooperation and kind consideration.” concluded Director Sala.

Source: ASDHS media release


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