Black Roses retain cup in its first defense

The ladies of Black Roses, holders of the women’s FFAS National Cup after retaining it against Lion Heart in a 6-0 win on Sept. 8, 2012. [FFAS MEDIA]

(FFAS Media Release) — The Black Roses retained the FFAS National League Cup 6-0 against Lion Heart in their first defense of the coveted prize during a round 4 match of the ongoing 2012 FFAS National League on Sept. 8.

National League games resumed last Saturday after sitting out the first week of the month due to the kickoff of the knockout, President’s Cup tournament.

In other games it was Pago Youth 3, Ilaoa & To’omata 0 by forfeit; Kiwi Soccers 4, Tafuna Jets 1 and Green Bay 2, Taputimu Youth 1.  Idle over the weekend were Vaiala Tongan, PanSa and Utulei Youth.

Ilaoa & To’omata’s forfeited loss was their second of the competition and by rule a second such loss disqualifies them from the competition.

Besides holding on to the challenge cup, Black Roses is the leader of the competition.

In second place is Utulei Youth, followed by Kiwi Soccers in third, PanSa sitting on fourth place and then No. 5 Green Bay, No. 6 Tafuna Jets, No. 7 is defending champs Pago Youth, No. 8 Vaiala Tongan, No. 9 Taputimu Youth and No. 10 Lion Heart.


This is the second time Lion Heart has challenged for the cup with the same result.

They did give it a good fight in the first half as they held Black Roses at bay for much of the period before succumbing to two goals.

In the second Black Roses took control to put the game out of doubt and Angela Sao provided all the firepower with a four-goal performance during the match.


Two goals apiece in both halves saw Kiwi successfully beat the Jets 4-1 after a close 2-1 first half lead.

Elizabeth Uti, Rosie Mano, Josephine Leota and Jennifer Sasala all scored for Kiwi while Darlene Pese provided the lone goal for the Jets.


Tua Mao scored the winning goal in the second half after a tight first half saw the match tied 1-1.

Lydia Ting scored the first goal for Green Bay while Annie Sao scored for Taputimu.


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