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Inter-Island flight service suspended while they await new engine

Inter Island Airways has suspended flights for this week due to an aircraft engine problem while a replacement is being ordered from off island with the hope that it arrives by the end of the week.

The airline's last flights for Apia, Samoa and the Manu’a island group were on Sunday.

Yesterday morning the airline’s mechanics informed company officials of an engine failure of the aircraft, canceling flights to Apia and Manu’a for this week, an airline official said yesterday.

The airline is now looking at getting another engine to the territory on Thursday night's Hawaiian Airlines flight at the earliest, or on Friday's weekly cargo flight, the official explained.

And if all goes well, the locally based carrier is looking at Saturday for possible resumption of flights to both Manu’a and Apia.

“We offer our sincere apologies to our customers and the traveling public for the inconvenience,” the official said. “We ask for your patience as we work towards the resumption of service as soon as possible.”

Passengers already confirmed on flights are asked to contact the airline at 699-7100 for assistance and more information.

Without Inter Island flights, only Polynesian Airlines is operating the inter Samoa route and air service to Manu’a has no service at all, unless the government aircraft Segaula is utilized.