Samoa News has received phone calls about recipients of the 1602 Low Income Housing Project Grant — who are they and where are these projects located? Is there any reason we have not published the list of the 132 recipients?

We have told the callers that the information can be located on the Development Bank of America Samoa website: http://www.dbas.org/DeveloperList.html

In response, some of the callers have said they do not have access to the internet, and would we please publish the list if possible.


Yes, we can publish the list — it’s public information; and you will find it below.

However, we did not include from the DBAS list the phone numbers and email addresses of the developers, although they can be found on the dbas.org site.

How much each developer was awarded is confidential bank information and is not available.

Samoa News also points out that there are no specific details of which projects are completed or not completed.

The draft report, revised July 11, 2012, only noted: “According to the latest correspondence from the President of the DBAS, only 58% of the projects have been completed. The 56 remaining projects are incomplete, with no more 1602 (funds) remaining. Some unfinished projects are at a standstill while owners seek financing.”

The projects must be finished by Dec. 31, 2012 or the money must be refunded or ‘recaptured’ to the grantor.

It should also be noted that the draft report in its review of the 132 projects found problems with some of the paperwork of the recipients, not all.

For example, 27 of the 132 of the recipients did not have the “evaluation criterion and assessment” — that is, the application is supposed to based on a Criteria Point System which allowed for a possible score of 79. It could not be found in these 27 applications.

Another example is the review found a total of 14 of the 132 recipients to have negative balances in their files, i.e. the amounts released for their projects are more that the recipient’s grant amount. The draft report said “this is a concern for us and it would be fitting and proper for certified auditors to thoroughly review the records.”

Some reminder points:

1            New units and/ or renovations are allowed under the program;

2            Recipients of the grant funding are ‘developers’, not low-income people;

4            Renters of the units/ houses, built or renovated with 1602 grant funds must qualify as ‘low-income’,with DBAS having final approval of who qualifies to live in these houses — within income limits set by HUD;

5            The housing/ unit is to remain vacant, unless a qualified low income renter can be found.

6            Can units be rented to family members? Yes, according to a summary report on the grant projects from DBAS, they can be, but they must meet the low income requirement to occupy the units. (Samoa News assumes from this — family members must pay rent.)






1            3B Developers            Brett & Sherrie Butler            Iliili

2            3J Renters            Elisapeta Sualevai            Fogagogo

3            Afoia Amosa            Amosa Ofoia            Vaitogi

4            Aiumu Housing            Meko Aiumu            Taputimu

5            Aliimai Project            Serah Pereira            Fagatogo

6            Alo Stevenson            Alo Paul Stevenson            Fogagogo

7            Ami Faleatua            Ami Faleatua            Tafuna

8             Anesi Rentals            Alo & Marilyn Anesi            Fogagogo

9             Angela Laumoli                        Angela Laumoli                        Leone

10            Anthony Tuiolosega                        Anthony Tuiolosega                        Matu’u

11            Apelu & Sons Rental                        Apelu Milo            Tafuna

12            Asalele Rentals               Katerina & Siaosi Asalele            Pavaia’i

13            Asosama Development Project            Sam Vaouli            Alofau

14            Atina’e Housing            Atualevao & Moli Asifoa            Vaitogi

15 Atiulagi F. Pese                         Atiulagi F. Pese                        Fogagogo

16            Bern’s Apartments            Eddie & Bernadette Fruean Leloaloa

17            Bobo’s Bungalows            Bob Tuiasosopo             Taputimu

18            Camilla Wilson                        Camilla Eli-Wilson            Tafuna

19            Chi Homes            Kalameli Timu            Leone           

20            Douglas & Fetineiai Ah-Mai             Douglas & Fetineiai Ah-Mai  Pavaia’i

21            Dream Builders             Rowenna Jennings            Fogagogo

22 Elizabeth Perri                        Elizabeth Perri            Iliili

23 Emau Petaia            Emai Petaia            Vaitogi

24 Eti & Coretti Eves             Eti & Coretti Eves             Tafuna

25            Fa’atamai Leomiti            Fa’atamai Leomiti             Pavaia’i

26            Fa’atoaga Apartments            Dennis Ahoia            Iliili

27            Faauaa & Katerina’s Rental Apartment

            Katalina Elisara            Vailoa

28            Fenumia’i Tanielu            Fenumia’i  Filomena-Tanielu            Pavaia’i

29            Fesili Bryant            Fesili Bryant            Malaeloa

30            Frank Gaisoa            Frank Gaisoa            Tafuna

31            FSA Housing Project            Florence Saulo            Tafuna

32            Fuapapa & Loine Soliai            Fuapapa & Loine Soliai            Pavaia’i

33            General Repairs, Inc.            Jane Neru                        Nu’uuli

34            Georgia’s Apartment            Eliota & Stella Siaumau            Tafuna

35            Global Pacific Rentals            Joe & Eleanor Hollister            Pavaia’i

36            Gloria Poasa Avalos

            Gloria P. Avalos & Falesa Poasa            Iliili

37            Hannah-Lei Apartments            John Utu            Fogagogo

38            Hans Langkilde                        Hans Langkilde

39            Happy Valley Baptist Church Rentals

            Elise Tafao            Tafuna

40            Iliili Garden Homes            Esther Pelefoti Solaita Iliili

41            Isaako Fetoai Rental            Falaniko Fetoai            Leloaloa

42            Island Developer Housing            Tuumolimoli Moliga Iliili

43            Jeannette Poasa Sili            Jeanette P. Sili Tafuna

44            JERA’S RENTAL UNITS            Siaki & Fa’auila Logoa’i            Nu’uuli

45            Justin’s Apartments            Afoa Lutu            Iliili

46            Kalala Ulugia            Kalala Ulugia

47            K-Hunt                        Kalili & Tupu Hunt            Leone

48            Kokoland Taoso Apartments            Marie and Afa Ripley

49            Lavea’i Housing            Gloria Ausage Iliili

50            Le Fonuea Apartment            Siaki & Ese Liu            Vaitogi

51            Le Fonuea Vaiala Apartments            3 Bevs Corporation            Pavai’ai

52            Leataataville Project            Lalolama & Aufa’i Areta            Tafuna

53            Leleaga Reed            Leleaga Reed            Vailoatai

54            Leo & Elisapeta Mavaega            Leo & Elisapeta Mavaega            Taputimu

55            Lepine Fales            Keith Gebauer            Malaeimi

56            Letisha Gaoa            Letisha Gaoa            Tafuna

57            Lili Ho Ching            Leonard & Lili Ho Ching            Malaeimi

58            Lise Fa’asoa            Lise Faaso            Tafuna

59            Liusala Apartments            Sarah Haleck Tuitele            Tafuna

60            Lote Tago            Lote S. Tago            Nu’uuli

61            Lupelele Iosefa Thomas            Lupelele Iosefa-Thomas            Malaeloa

62            Lupi Leasoon            Lupi & Fa’atonu Leasoon            Alao

63            M&L Rental            Malemo Tausaga            Fogagogo/Leone

64            Ma’atoa Low Income Apartments            Sao Nua           

65            Makuisa Apartments            Makuisa & Ioana Amotai            Nu’uuli

66            Malaeimi Housing            Leon Malauulu            Malaeimi

67            Malaeimi Housing Rental            Tuitogamatoe Fanene            Malaeimi

68            Malala Rental            Frances Malala            Pago Pago

69            Manumailelagi

            House Units            Poulima & Asiati Loi On            Vaitogi

70            Mapu Jamias            Mapu S. Jamias            Fogagogo

71            Maranatha Rental Homes            Carlene Afalava                        Leone

72            Maria Shimasaki Rental Homes            Maria Shimasaki            Tafuna

73            Maulafalafa            Palaie Gaoteote            Vatia

74            Mausa Malepeai            Mausa Malepeai            Iliili

75            Mealefu Filemoni            Mealefu Filemoni            Leone

76            Methodist Synod Rental Homes

            Methodist Synod            Tafuna

77            Michael & Dorothy Fuiava            Michael & Dorothy Fuiava            Tafuna

78            Mika’s Housing            Toaono Kelemete            Tafuna

79            Mikilani Apartments            Evelyn Tagaloa            Vaitogi

80            Mina & Samuel Uhrle            Samuel Uhrle            Leone

81            Mina Saifoloi            Mina & Faaeteete Saifoloi            Tafeta

82            Miriama Moafanua            Miriama Moafanua            Iliili

83            Moana’s Apartments                        Sauimoana Purcell            Leone

84            Moelata Project            Sonja Pouesi            Aua

85            Mountain View Homes            Eseta Kruse            Malaeloa

86            MT Asuega            Tasi & Taiulagi Asuega            Vaitogi

87            Mulinuu Housing 1            Tufi Misipeka            Nu’uuli

88            Mulinuu Housing 2            Tufi Misipeka            Nu’uuli

89            Naumati Housing            Victor Tofaeono                        Tafuna

90            Niko’s Rental Units            Falaniko & Cecelia Taimalie            Fogagogo

91            Niualama Taifane            Niualama Taifane            Amanave

92            Osema Housing            Veletaloola & Tinei Akapo            Vaitogi

93            Ottoville Apartments            Michael Tolmie            Tafuna

94            Pacific Apartment Rentals                        Erica Tuala            Iliili

95            Peleiupu & Elaine Niko            Elaine Niko            Malaeloa

96            Price Iosefa            Price Iosefa            Malaeloa

97            Pritchard Complex            Jason Pritchard            Leone

98            Project Malama                        Robert Toelupe            Leone

99                        Pua’auila F. Ioane            Puaauli Ioane            Tafuna

100            Punaoa Lodging            Dan & Ruth Tofiga            Iliili

101            R&L Housing            Lance Faletogo            Malaeimi

102            Rev. Faletoi Apartments            Faletoi & Violina Uso            Vailoa

103            RR Rentals            Kalala Tuitele            Leone

104            Salamasina Schuster

                        Salamasina Schuster            Tafuna

105            Savaii Low-Income Rental Units            Savali Ale            Iliili

106            Seui Apartments            Laau Seui, Jr.            Tafuna

107            Siamau Siamau                        Siamau Siamau                        Vaitogi

108            Sina Vai            Mariama Vee            Fogagogo

109            Si’umalae Apartments            Fred Ahoia            Iliili

110            Slade Homes            Julia Slade            Tafuna

111            Sofai Solomona            Sofai Solomona            Pavai’i

112            Su’e’s Rental            Vaisola Tuatoo            Tafuna

113            Sunrise of the Pacific            Lagona Misa            Tafuna

114            Sunset Housing            Albert Young            Leone

115            Sylvia Sonoma Mauga           

                        Sylvia Sonoma-Mauga            Afono

116            Tafaifa Rentals            Faauaa Lokeni            Tafuna

117            Tafeta Apartments            John & Elaine Kruse            Tafeta

118            Tapuina Project             Soli Letuligasenoa            Iliili

119            Tarrant’s Rental Apartm            California Tarrant-Ale                                    Vaitogi

120            Tasota Rental            Vainuupo Nuusa            Iliili

121            Tony Hollister            Tony Hollister            Tafuna

122            To’omaga Project            Andrew Sunia            Fogagogo

123            Tuiaua Development            Pio & Christine Grohse            Aua

124            Tulafono Luamanu            Tulafono Luamanu            Tafuna

125            Utumalama Estate            Eliki Afalava            Aloau

126            Vaimasina Homes            Evelyn Tuia            Tafuna

127            Vaitele Apartments            Tusipa & Litani Ahoia                        Nu’uuli

128            Vaivao’s Rental Homes

                        Faaiuga & Francis Vaivao            Tafuna

129            William Hollister            William Hollister            Vaitogi

130            William Steffany            William Steffany            Iliili

131            Yolanda Masunu            Yolanda Masunu            Tafuna

132            Young Rental            Sale Young            Vaitogi

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