Over $22,000 raised at Catholic fundraiser for community services


International Community of the Holy Family Parish at Fatuoaiga raised around $22,000 at the “Unforgettable Evening” fundraising event that featured well known Samoan entertainer Jerome Grey, who flew in from Samoa, joining other local entertainers, who performed at the Tradewinds Hotel last Friday night.

In a letter to the private sector last month seeking support, the fundraising event chairman, Rep. Larry Sanitoa explained that over the years the  International Community of the Holy Family Parish at Fatuoaiga has developed quite a reputation for not only being a religious haven, but also a strong community partner in times of need. 

“We are proud of our community outreach programs for the less fortunate, annual participation for the Hope House golf tournament, youth development activities, and support for many of the programs under Catholic Services and Charities,” he wrote.

And during Friday night’s event, Sanitoa told the gathering of more than 300 people that this “is our [International] community’s major annual fundraising event” and “all the proceeds we will manage to raise here goes toward a lot of the charitable work we endear, such as donating to Hope House – the only convalescent home in our territory that provides care for the elderly and children with special needs.”

He said the International Community’s donation also helps fund all of the Catholic schools on island and “help fund the education of our seminarians off island and many other projects for our Catholic Diocese.”

Sanitoa told Samoa News on Monday that preliminary reports indicated that “we made over $22,000 gross but with expenses, we’re looking at around $11,000 net.”


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