Live concert tonight at Lee Auditorium

The Tama ole Mua’au will be performing in their first live concert at the Lee Auditorium tonight. Sonny Lefaoseu Sr manager of Tama ole Mua’au who is also the father of band members says that this is a coming out concert for the band.

“My five children have been singing since they were young, now finally we have a band put together and they all play a part in it for the first time, whether it be singing or playing an instrument.”

The manager stated that the purpose of this concert is to fundraise to buy more equipment for the band and most importantly to develop the talents of the band.

Additionally the Tama ole Mua’au is looking at going on a World Tour coming next year with the new band says the manager.

Lefaoseu Sr told Samoa News that of the seven children that he and Tofu have, five are in the band.

The bandleader is Sonny Jr Lefaoseu (19) who is the pianist, Holyfield (14) is the drummer, Elizabeth (15) who plays the bass is one of the singers with Tomsky (21) and the back stage dancer is 11-year-old Fa’afetai.

Lefaoseu Sr added that two of his nephews also play a part in the band, Sean Afu Lefaseu who’s the guitarist and Auckland Afu Lefaosene sing in the band.

He said this concert is a family event, a time for families to attend and have fun together. “Bring you families, come join the fun singing and enjoying the music from our very own young people who perform from their hearts.”

“Admission for children under the age of five is free because this should be a family outing, also given that the fans of the Tama ole Mua’au are mostly children.”

The concert will also feature Mareko Pailate Eteru and LU SI TI – Luamana’i, Siona, and Eti — the Blind brothers from Samoa.

LU SI TI performs in Apia on the daily basis, at public areas like the markets and in front of banks. Band member Luamana’i told Samoa News that this is the first time anyone of them has come to American Samoa and they are looking forward to the concert tonight.

“Thanks to Tama ole Mua’au for having us, it’s a blessing to be here, to know that people in American Samoa will enjoy the performance.”

Lefaoseu Sr invited everyone to come out for this first time concert that would not have been possible without the assistance of, Sight and Sound, Inter Island, KSBS 92.1 FM, Pacific Printing and V103.

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