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Dancing back to Samoa: Nalei Moors

A woman born with a natural flair for dancing who provided opportunities for young Samoan women to represent Samoa on the world stage is about to turn 90.And while the years may have passed since her arrival in Samoa over 40 years ago, her zest for life and service to the community has barely faltered.Mrs Moors who was in Apia on Monday morning and returned to Pago later that day said she arrived to organise her birthday that will be held at Bora Bora at Lalovaea on 22 September. “There will be close friends and family present,” she said.There will also be stories to tell and a great many memories to recall of life in Samoa in the ‘60’s for this vivacious octagenerian.“I remember arriving at the Faleolo Airport in 1965 and it was Easter Sunday and my fatherin- law Afoafouvale Misimoa was there to collect us,” she said.Nalei Lii Moors and husband Oliver Edgerton Moors of Ululoloa set up and operated the first Polynesian Night Club in Apia named ‘Hula Town’ in 1965 at Savalalo opposite St Marys Primary School.When they set up ‘Hula Town’ at Savalalo, providing sponsorship for young women was a huge thing, she said.“It was a good experience for youngsters who had a natural talent for dancing and it’s fortunate that Samoan girls have natural beauty.”She recalls providing dancing lessons for many young Samoan girls back then at her dance studio, Alcohal Points. Entertainment for the club was also provided by these dance students, she said.It was that night club that helped sponsor young women like Ana Decima Stevenson nee Schmidt to represent Samoa at the Miss World competition in 1977.