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Last weekend was a wet one with torrential downpours throughout the three days almost wiping out this weekend of ASHSAA Football, with barely no points on the scoreboard at all.

It all started on Thursday with the Crusaders and Wildcats match up with Marist’s two touchdown lead, onto Samoana’s blow out win against the Stallions Friday evening, and concluded with the Warriors and Lions match up last Saturday that was called “Fumble in the Jungle” with both teams continuously turning the ball over.

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Thursday was quite the competition at the Veterans Memorial Stadium, as the Wildcats took on the Crusaders for the first time this season, and Nu’uuli Wildcats found out that the Marist Crusaders was not a team to mess with — they were handed a shut out game by the Crusaders, with no points on the scoreboard.

Uluao Letuli, the sophomore running back made a big impact against the Wildcats last weekend after he surprised Nu’uuli with simple toss play that he turned into a 64-yard touchdown reception during the first quarter of their game with Letuli still testing out his juking skills along with his speed.

Marist held Nu’uuli scoreless all the way into the fourth quarter of the match, with Nu’uuli’s defense also coming in hard to rejecting Marist from their end zone, until the fourth quarter of the game.

Iki Tuileta also a sophomore as starting quarterback for the Crusaders varsity squad, managed to pick up good yardage with his coordination of the offense, sending Marist out to the Wildcats 12-yard line, where he threatened the Wildcats with a third down play that was faked out to Letuli, instead Tuileta fired out a bullet pass to Edward Peters who caught that ball in the end zone and marked off the Crusaders 14 - 0 lead with Nu’uuli recording their second loss of the season, and Marist recording their first victory.

Samoa News Player of the Game: Uluao Letuli

We choose sophomore running back from the villages of Fogagogo and Nu’uuli, who earned Player of the Game after recording 1 touchdown and averaging 6 yards per carry, not including his three 30 plus yards per carry that was almost turned in for two more touchdowns, but was denied by Nu’uuli’s defense.


Samoana’s “Low Rider” Antwon Washburn was the highlight of this past Friday Night Lights game, as he led the Sharks in a blow out victory, after recording three touchdowns on running plays all in the first quarter of the game, having Samoana on top with a secured 20 - 0 lead by the end of the first quarter, with the help of field goal kicker Neemia Kaleopa.

Fullback Fiaui Ta’ase marched a 4-yard touchdown run into the end zone with just 5:45 remaining in the second quarter as Samoana played that back yard running game hard down the middle of Kanana Fou’s defense. Then in the third quarter, Sharks QB Dickie Neemia connects with Buddy Tuamasaga on a 12-yard passing play into the end zone that Tuamasaga sealed and sent Samoana on a 36 - 0, after the two point conversion was good with the help of right guard Arthur Husseini leading with the Mercy Rule being in affect.

2:09 in the fourth quarter, and the Sharks bring in Tafatafa Sataua at quarterback, and Sataua immediately shows off his passing skills with a bullet pass out to Ah Ching, that sealed the Sharks lead 42 - 0 with Kaleopa converting every single field goal he kicked.

Samoa News Player of the Game: “Low Rider” Antwon Washburn

Chosen is the junior running back for the Sharks this year, who is a tremendous stand out for Samoana, after being a star player at Tafuna High School. He transferred this year to Samoana and is making big things happen for the Sharks. Washburn recorded 3 touchdowns, and averaged 6 yards per carry.



Depending on who has a Junior Varsity team on roster, the Samoana Sharks and Marist Crusaders took to the field this weekend.

Samoana’s JV quarterback Ronhen Tui was on fire sending the Sharks to their first win of the season with the opening touchdown of the game after Tui connected with his receiver on a third down conversion on their own 44-yard line and Tui fired out a long pass to (#15) for Samoana’s first touchdown of the game with just 4:46 in the second quarter.

The Sharks (#6) at running back extended Samoana’s lead with a 4-yard toss play that had the Sharks leading the match 14 - 0 . Nothing turned right for the Crusaders throughout the first three quarters of the game. Ueseli Mamea of the Crusaders on the other hand led the Marist to a stunning defensive stop that held Samoana to only two touchdowns throughout the game.

Suddenly, in the fourth quarter, Samoana’s Tui was looking to fire out another one of his deep passes, airing out the ball, but was surprised to see Niko Lelevaga of the Crusaders intercepting that ball, and taking it all the way to the house for Marist first touchdown of the game. But it was too late for the Crusaders, as the clock wasn’t on their side, but a good start for the Crusaders JV Division.

Samoa News Player of the Game: Ronhen Tui

We selected Samoana’s sophomore starting quarterback from Fagatogo as the Player of the Game after recording 1 pass for a touchdown, and 6 out of 10 completed passes per series.